Big thank you! DIY Prana Clone Hybrid Mattress

Did a lot of studying of this excellent website. Visited four of the larger mattress retailers in town and decided a hybrid, rather than all latex, was more comfortable. Studied the construction of the Prana and came as close as I could with 8" Quantum Edge Elite pocketed coils, medium and soft 2" Talalay layers and 12" bamboo cover. Total with discounts (thank you!) was just over 900 - less than half!

Service from Arizona Premium Mattress was amazing. The coils actually came already zipped into the cover, so setup was easier than anticipated. The most difficult parts were maneuvering the two large boxes, one at a time, into my small bedroom; and carefully cutting the heavy plastic wrap.

I had a 2" Linen Spa gel topper that was only a year old and in great shape except for having split (I leave the twin XL S-cape adjustable bed in zero gravity position and it split at the crease). Found a Linen Spa topper cover from Amazon Warehouse at a great price which keeps it together perfectly. Was also able to reuse a mattress cover and encasement also a year old.

5’9, 155, 70 yo F with cervical fusion, dislocated shoulder, sprained ankle. Upstate NY. Slight back pain is lessening day by day. No problems sleeping on either side or back. Very happy!

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Hi whiteroses.

Thanks for sharing this awesome update in our forum! :slight_smile: We always enjoying hearing success stories and it means everything that the resources we have here are actually helping people get the best, most supportive sleep arrangement possible.

We look forward to any continued updates. :smiley: