Black Friday Deals

I’m in the market for a new mattress, and was wondering if mattress distributors typically have Black Friday deals, either online or locally. If this is something normal, it would be cool to have people post good deals, particularly online ones, in a thread.

Hi sonse7en,

In general … the types or retailers or manufacturers that promote “black friday” sales or any of the other “big sales” are only reducing prices that have already been marked up more than the sale and certainly more than they should be. I treat sales that create a sense of urgency as a warning sign rather than a benefit.

The better manufacturers or retailers don’t need sales and have fair pricing 365 days a year with an occasional sale with a smaller discount for a legitimate reason rather than a continuous sale that only changes its name depending on the time of year it happens to be.

The best “deals” usually come from knowing what is in your mattress (which determines the quality and value of the mattress) and avoiding the typical marketing practices of the major brands and mass market outlets where you are more often than not making a blind purchase with no way to make a meaningful comparison with other mattresses.

This type of sale is mentioned in point #5 in the list of guidelines here and is common with the types of stores and manufacturers that I would tend to avoid completely.