Blank Posts?

Hello all,

I noticed last night that there appears to be an issue with blank posts on the site.

It also appears that it is only affecting my own posts that have embedded links (links that make certain words or phrases clickable rather than just the bare link itself). The odd thing is that if I go to the edit screen to edit these posts … they all appear … it’s just in the normal public view that they are invisible. A further issue is that it also appears that there are a few posts with embedded links that are still visible.

I will be trying to track this down and correct it today but it may take some time to track down the issue and while I am doing this you may see a few changes on the site such as template changes as Itry to track down the issue.

Bear with me as I try to “fix” this … and if anyone happens to notice this phenomenon with posts other than mine (one of your own posts is also “invisible”) … please let me know in this thread. Also … if one of my replies to you appears to be blank … it’s not because I haven’t replied or deleted the post. It will be visible as soon as this issue is corrected.

Of course if anyone has any experience with this particular issue on a forum … any suggestions or ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

In the meantime … thanks for your patience.


I have found several instances of blank posts with embedded links from members other than me. At least this eliminates one possibility that it is my own personal settings that are at fault.

I may be editing some posts from members to narrow down the issue. If one of your posts is edited … it is only the embedded links that I will edit (not remove or change the link) to try and track this down.

Thanks again for your patience.


OK … problem solved… and it only took half a day :slight_smile:

Turns out there was a bug in the forum software that kicked in when the “shorten long URL’s” setting was enabled (which I did). This was fixed in a recent upgrade which is now installed and everything should now be fine.

Whew !!!