Bob O Pedic Remote Control

Does anyone know who makes the wired remotes for the power bob? My puppy bit through my wires and it no longer works. I tried talking to their customer service but needless to say they were pretty clueless! Any suggestions on what to do…Thanks in advance for all help.

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The three most common brands are Reverie, Ergomotion, And Leggett and Platt. All of them have wired adjustable beds. You can see many of the different brands and models here ADMIN NOTE: Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint:
The Ergomotion wired and the Reverie wired have pictures of the remotes so you can see if your’s looks like either of them.

My guess based on the look of the adjustable on the Bob-O-Pedic site and the shape of the metal wire at the foot is that it is either a Reverie Essential
ADMIN NOTE: Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: or a Reverie Comfort ADMIN NOTE: Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: but you could confirm this by checking if the remote looks like their remote.

If one of these is a match (hopefully) … then phoning Reverie ADMIN NOTE: Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: should solve your problem.

If not … perhaps describing the remote or the adjustable bed (and it’s features) might help.


Even if your adjustable bed is out of warranty, call Bob’s at 800-569-1284. At the prompt, enter “1”. At the next prompt, enter “1” again, and at the next prompt, enter “1” again. This will connect you to a live person. They will need to know the phone number used when you ordered your mattress/adjustable frame. They will look up your account and tell you if it’s still in warranty or not (1 year). If it is, you may be able to get a replacement remote at no cost. If your mattress is out of warranty (like mine), you can order a remote for $95.00. They will send your information to the parts department who will then call you about your order. I went through this today. I’ll comment again once I have the new remote in my hand.

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I appreciate your advice. While this thread is five years old and I think JoAnn has resolved her issue (or trained her pup!), your information can be useful for those visiting this thread in the future.

Keep us updated on your new remote!


Thanks. That was my intention when I replied to a years old forum question. When I stumbled on this forum when doing a Goggle search today, I realized that others may be in the same boat in the future. Only time will tell if my response remains valid in years to come!

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Hi, Does anyone have information regarding the possibility of setting up the Bob Power Plus wireless remote with a smart home system? Or information on where I can obtain specific information regarding the wireless remote’s technical details? Thanks!

It’s been almost a year since I ordered a replacement wired remote for our adjustable bed. I actually ended up ordering 2, to have a spare in case our pup chews through the cord, again.
Using the steps I outlined above, the remotes eventually arrived, and work just like the original. Very pleased, overall.

Wissocki, you might want to call Bob’s at 800-569-1284. At the prompt, enter “1”. At the next prompt, enter “1” again, and at the next prompt, enter “1” again. This will connect you to a live person. They may or may not have the answer, but hopefully they can lead you in the right direction. Good luck!

I just had to order a Bob O Pedic remote for my power bed. I first went to store to get a replacement. They told me to call customer service. CS told me that I needed to pay the store then the remote would be sent via FedEx. They also told me that the store could have handled the entire transaction. The cost of the remote was $95.00 plus tax. It came out to $101.03. The original remote lasted me 8 years. They are going to discontinue the wired remotes soon. I’m going to buy another as soon as I can as a back up after I see how my new one works out. The store did try to upsell me to a new power bed foundation. If you are buying a power bed get the longest warrantee, especially for the remote. My mattress is still under warrantee but the remote warrantee expired a couple of years ago. Make sure you have the original phone number when calling CS. I had to change all my information from my X fiance’s account, at least for my remote I did otherwise FedEx would have been confused. We bought my bed in April 2011 and it is now Aug 2019 at the time of this writing.

UPDATE: I received my new remote and it works just as good as my original remote. I’ll be buying another one soon as the wired remotes are being discontinued.

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Thank you for that post about the remote issue at Bob-O-Pedic. These types of transactions sometimes drive me crazy!!!

This sums it up…just for a second, I thought I was talking to the cell phone companies or the cable companies. Companies often make things way too complicated.

Good points about checking warranties on the adjustable beds, they are always different than the mattress, that’s for sure. I am hearing about most of these companies discontinuing the wired remotes. We will keep our eye on that.

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