Did search and only came up with 2 matches. Anyone have any input on these? I have one on my 4 year old’s bed and it seems OK, but what about for me (6’2", 220) and my wife (5’4", 120)?

Appreciate any feedback.

Hi Caidly,

While I don’t have any personal experience with the Bob-O-Pedic, like any mattress I would make sure you know the quality/density of every layer of foam in the mattress before considering it (the memory foam comfort layers and the polyfoam support layers). Knowing the details of the materials in a mattress is the only way to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses and to have any sense of it’s relative durability.

In addition to this … with any mattress where the materials are made offshore … I would make especially sure that all the foams are CertiPur certified or have some other meaningful certification.

If they are able to tell you the quality of the materials and confirm it is CertiPur certified … then you would have a good basis for comparing it to other choices you may have. Without this information … i would pass it by.

I would also be very cautious with memory foam under 5 lb density (which it almost certainly won’t be) for anyone that was over 200 lbs because of the risk of softening of the materials. Loss of comfort and support (the biggest reason a mattress needs to be replaced) caused by the softening or degradation of foam is not covered by a warranty.



Thank you for your response. Still reading up on some of the info on this site/ forum. Willing to hold off a few more days/ weeks while I gather more info before dropping more $ on a bed that will only last us a few years (again, argh!)


hi Caidly,

One of the most effective ways to shift the odds of finding good quality and value is to first research the local maufacturers and retailers that have the best knowledge, quality, service, and value. Once you know these … then the process of choosing a mattress becomes much simpler because you are dealing with people who have the knowledge and experience to help and “educate” you in making better choices. these are the types of people who will put your interests above their own.

Post #10 here has a step by step process that may help (and eliminate most of the worst choices which end up taking most of your time and causing a lot of frustration). Finding the “experts” is always more effective than either becoming one yourself or feeling like you need to in order to make your best choices.

If you let me know the city or zip where you live I’d be happy to point you to any better options I’m aware of in your area (if you haven’t already seen a post with a list of these).