Body Impression

A little under 3 months ago, I bought a Saatva Luxury Firm bed. Initially, Saatva gave me a 60 day comfort exchange. Before the 60 days was up, I called them and said that I wasn’t happy with the bed (I found it to be too firm) and they extended their comfort exchange policy another 30 days (that was 2 weeks ago). The bed is finally starting to soften up, but now there’s another problem: The mattress has a body impression that measures 1 1/2". I guess that’s the reason why the bed finally started to feel more comfortable, but I am concerned that the quality of the mattress is inferior because it created such a deep body impression so fast.

Phoenix, do you agree with my assessment?

PS: I’m 5’9" and I weigh 168 lbs, and my wife is 5’1" and weighs 120 lbs.

Hi 2manybeds,

I know from talking with them that the Saatva manufacturer takes care to design their mattresses in a way that is less likely to develop body impressions that are that deep so it would be somewhat unusual for this to occur … especially that quickly. You can see an analysis of their design in this post.

I would also make sure that the sagging isn’t connected to the support system under the mattress (you could put it on the floor to test this).

Their warranty considers 1.5" or greater body impressions to be a defect and if you have measured the impressions correctly and this is happening within 3 months then I would talk to them about returning it because you may have a defective mattress.


Hi Phoenix,

Are you taking about putting the box spring on the floor to test the support system under the mattress? If I do that, what should I be looking for?

Also, is there a possibility that the bed frame (it’s only a year old) might be causing the problem? I have the bed on a wooden bed frame that is attached to a headboard.

Hi 2manybeds,

No … I meant putting the mattress itself on the floor to see if there was any difference in the impressions or the “feel” of the mattress with a flat non flexing support surface underneath it. If there is a sag in a box spring or any part of the support system under the mattress it can affect the sagging of the mattress surface.

Depending on the specifics of your bedframe it’s certainly possible yes because anything under the mattress can affect the mattress itself.