Bought a 7" Natural Latex from SleepEZ for 2 year old, unsure of layer choice

Hi Mattress Underground,

Thanks for the recommendations, as my wife and I bought a Split King 9" Natural Latex from SleepEZ with adjustable frame last year and we love it! I used to wake up all the time to her moving in the bed and now that’s not an issue either.

Now I just bought the SleepEZ crib mattress for the baby we’re expecting, and we’re transitioning my 2, almost 3 year old (about 35 lbs right now) to a twin. I just bought the 7" Natural Latex and they are asking me which layer firmness levels I want to choose. He’s used to a pretty firm crib mattress so I was leaning towards a firm and medium layer, with the option of adding a soft layer down the line. The kid will sleep on concrete, so I’m not as worried about comfort. I’m more interested in the benefits of a softer vs firmer bed for a child. Is there any from a health standpoint? Or is it purely a comfort consideration? This will be his bed for the next decade or two, so are there any long term considerations? Thanks!

Hey sonse7en,

Welcome back to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your new Sleep EZ mattress! Happy to hear that you and your wife are loving your Natural Latex split king mattress and thanks for the update, sounds like you both are enjoying better sleep with the motion transfer issue resolved. Thanks too for your support of the TMU Trusted Member program.

From Sleep EZ’s site, I see that the 7" Natural Latex Twin option features 2 layers of 3" Dunlop latex, one of a Medium firmness and the other of a Firm firmness, both inside a zippered quilted cover. Adjusting the mattress’s firmness to your son’s preference if needed would involve unzippering the cover and switching positions of the two layers. He will likely enjoy the mattress as recommended with the Medium firmness on top of the two Dunlop layers, he’s quite small in terms of weight now. Regarding this construction for a child’s use, it is perfectly fine both in comfort/ support, as well as from a healthy sleep standpoint, Sleep EZ uses all natural materials in their mattresses and have natural product certificationsensuring the safety of the components/ materials used. As your son continues to grow over the years, upgrading the comfort feel for his changing preferences would be as you mentioned earlier, simply adding a pillow top layer at some point along the way. Hope this helps and looking forward to your son’s “review” of his new Natural Latex Twin mattress following an initial sleep trial period… :wink: .