Bought a new latex mattress from Sleepez and my wife hates! :)

Well I am not sure where to begin, but I have been lurking on here for the past few weeks. I’ve read and searched and re-searched as much as I thought I could and I probably should have asked some questions. We needed to replace our Simmons World Class Beautyrest Visco Plush Super Pillow Top. It of course was wonderful at first but has had extreme sagging for quite some time. Since it was so bad we’ve had a 2 inch memory foam topper on it. It was manufactured 10/01/08 so I know we haven’t had it a super long time, but I was not impressed with the quality. We do not really have many local options (49837 zip) so we traveled an hour to a furniture store to try the Tempur Cloud Luxe. She was not impressed with that either. The salesman had her try a Stearns & Foster Hybrid and she found one that she liked. After leaving the store I did some reading and came to the conclusion that any of those mattresses would most likely end up sagging just like the Simmons. That’s how I found this site. We’ve never tried latex or had options to see them. With all of my reading on here I was initially going to go with Brooklyn Bedding and the Aloe Alexis. After more reading, I changed my mind and thought all latex would be a better option. So I pulled the trigger and bought the 10,000 from SleepEZ. It arrived this past Thursday. My wife’s side is S/S/M and I have S/M/F. She’s 5’6" 115lbs and I’m 5’8 170lbs. We both are primarily side sleepers and back sleepers occasionally. She has not like the mattress from the minute she tried it. She doesn’t like the latex feel. She said it seems too springy and reminds her of an air mattress when you move around. She definitely likes a soft mattress feeling, but the latex that we have isn’t her thing. She had a shopping trip on Friday and stopped at WG&R in Green Bay, WI and I told her to see if there was anything she liked. She found this Aireloom Serenity Plush Latex King Mattress and fell in love. I am waiting to find out all of the foam specs on it but I am not impressed on the price. She was not crazy on the $1800 for the latex mattress, but the $3000 for that bed seems ok to her. I want her to have a comfortable bed but I feel like we should be able to find something like that for less. I did some looking and it seems like Brooklyn Bedding might have something close with their 12" Bamboo Bliss? I wanted to love the SleepEz, but it just isn’t for us. She also mentioned WG&R had the PLB and she said it felt like what we had and then laid on the Aireloom and said she loves that especially compared to the all latex. I have some images to attach, but doesn’t seem to be letting me. Any thoughts on this or a route we should take to find something close? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Scheitma,

I’m sorry I can’t really help as I am rather new on this site and have been a lurker as well ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I was wondering how you’ve liked the SleepEZ product/service so far?

I recently visited a Savvy Rest showroom to try out some combinations and am currently debating on whether I’m ready to take that step of buying a mattress I’ve never tried before online with SleepEZ. From what I’ve seen on the forums (especially the trust that Phoenix, the moderator, seems to have in them) and in other searches, they seem to be a rather good company when it comes to their products and returns, but I’ve still got a bit of trepidation especially due to the flexibility that comes with so many options available for the layering.

I’d love to hear what your experience with them was like.

Hi ThaiGQ,

[quote] We do not really have many local options (49837 zip)

She had a shopping trip on Friday and stopped at WG&R in Green Bay, WI[/quote]

There isn’t a forum list for the Gladstone area but I did take a look around the area and the only retailer I saw that I would consider as a “possibility” and the manufacturer they carry that I would focus on (subject to the “value” guidelines here) is … Escanaba, MI. They carry Restonic mattresses made by Clare Bedding in Escanaba which are generally more transparent about the materials they use in their mattresses than most larger manufacturers.

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Green Bay area (subject to the same guidelines) are listed in post #2 here.

The materials in a mattress are always a preference choice rather than a better/worse choice and like any material some people will prefer the “feel” of latex over any other and some people won’t. The most important part of a mattress choice is that it provides good posture and alignment, good pressure relief, and that it matches your personal preferences in terms of “feel” (which is more subjective) but no matter how well a mattress may otherwise suit you, if you don’t like how a material feels then you may be better off choosing a different type of mattress that uses different materials.

I would also keep in mind that with any new mattress purchase there will be an adjustment period and it can take some time to get used to a different type of sleeping surface and this may also change your experience over the course of the next few weeks (see post #3 here) so it may be worthwhile waiting for a few weeks before deciding what to do but other than this or adding a topper that can change the “feel” of the mattress (and keeping the benefits of latex underneath it) if you really don’t like how latex feels even with a topper then at least you had the foresight to buy a mattress from a company that has a good return policy.

I would be very cautious with an Aireloom purchase and at the very least make sure that you are able to find out all the specifics of the type and quality of all the materials in the mattress (see this article) because this mattress uses lower quality and less durable materials than your SleepEZ mattress. You can see some of the specific layers here but they only add up to 11.5" and the other 3" would likely be lower quality materials (probably polyfoam) that could be a weak link in the mattress in terms of durability. It may also be very difficult to find out the information you need about the materials in the Aireloom you would need to make an informed choice (see here) and even if you did for most people it wouldn’t be in the “best value” range compared to other mattresses that use similar or better quality materials.

The Aireloom is a pocket coil mattress that has a combination of different foam layers above the pocket coil … (latex, memory foam, and probably polyfoam) so it would be quite different from a polyfoam/latex hybrid. It would be “somewhat similar” to some of the innerspring/latex hybrids listed in post #2 here but most of them don’t include memory foam or polyfoam in the comfort layers.

There are some suggestions about adding forum attachments in the help section here but if all else fails then you can send them to me and I will attach them to your post.

There is more about the different ways that one mattress can “match” or “approximate” another one in post #9 here but even if you are able to find out the specifics of all the materials it’s unlikely that you will find another mattress that has exactly the same design and materials as the Aireloom you are considering so the only way to know if another mattress would feel similar to the Aireloom to you would be based on your own personal testing and experience.

I would also make sure that you’ve read the mattress shopping tutorial here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.

Two of the more important links in the tutorial are post #2 here which has more about the different ways to buy a suitable mattress that can help you assess and minimize the risk involved in each of them and post #13 here which has more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase which can help you make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses.


Phoenix, Thanks for the reply. I know our area is limited on choices and that’s why I’ve tried to research on here and told my wife to look in Green Bay. I know it can and most likely will take time for our bodies to adjust to a new mattress, but she does not like the latex feel from the SleepEz from first laying on it so to even fall asleep is a challenge. The mattress that you were referring to and linked from Jerome’s is not the same mattress that I linked from WG&R. It is not a coil mattress, all foam. That is why I was thinking it might be close to the Brooklyn model. The Aireloom rep called me today and gave me some specs on the mattress. There are 3 tallalay layers and he said the corresponding ILD’s are 19,22,24 and the base is soy foam with a 1.8# density. I have attached a few images now but for some reason it won’t let me attach in chrome. The cut out image isn’t of the same bed, but the bed next to it. I guess it is missing 1 latex layer in the image. I’m wondering if you think it could be even possible to find something that is relatively close to that makeup of latex and foam. I know she doesn’t like all latex and it seems like the Aireloom does use decent materials, but I still think they are overpriced. Here is another link to the mattress somewhere else. Thanks again for all of the help.

Hi ThaiGC.

SleepEZ is great. I’ve called a couple times and talked to Shawn to have some questions answered. They are a great company, but we just don’t like the latex feel. I am not super picky and can almost sleep on anything, however my wife is a different story. If we would’ve tried an all latex mattress similar to the sleepez then we would’ve known it wasn’t for us. I wanted to try it and she was willing but now I will have to send it back. Good luck on your mattress hunt and if you’re looking for latex, I wouldn’t hesitate to order from sleepez.

Hi scheitma,

Oops, I guess there is more than one Aireloom Serenity Plush.

I think this is a bug in either the forum software or the template I am currently using but I’m hopeful it will be resolved with the next site update which is currently being worked on and if all goes well should happen within the next few weeks.

Unfortunately the specs they provided are somewhat incomplete. To make any meaningful comments or help you identify any potential weak links I would need to know the thickness of all the layers to make sure that they add up to the 12" thickness of the mattress because there are often some missing layers in these types of “approximate” specs which could be a weak link in terms of durability or the useful life of the mattress. The latex is a high quality and durable material and 1.8 lb polyfoam is also a good quality material that would be suitable for a base layer as well but a mattress is only as good as it’s weakest link even if the majority of the materials are good quality. It only takes a couple of inches of lower quality materials in the top layers of a mattress for the risk of premature foam softening or breakdown and impressions to be higher than I would consider in a mattress in this price range.

If you can find out all the specs of the mattress (including the layer thicknesses) and post it on the forum then I’d be happy to make some comments about the quality and durability of the materials or the mattress as a whole. It would also be helpful to know whether the latex was 100% natural or blended Talalay so that you can make more “apples to apples” comparisons with other mattresses. Knowing more specifics would also make it easier to make some very approximate comparisons to other mattresses that had a similar design and similar specs and a similar cover and quilting that may be available through some of the members of the site but outside of this the only way to know how closely one mattress would compare to another one for any particular person would be based on your own personal testing or experience.


Awesome! Thanks for the response, Scheitma! I was pretty much 80-90% ready to take the plunge, but now I’ll definitely give them a try. I hope my experience with them is as good as yours was! :slight_smile:

P.S. Phoenix, if you’re reading this, you’re the best and most helpful moderator I’ve ever seen on a forum! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned (even though I’m barely scratching the surface about mattresses/bedding) from reading this website and the forums! Thanks for all the hard work!

Hi ThaiGQ,

I read every post on the forum and I appreciate your kind comments … thank you :slight_smile:


I have have been reading this post as I search for reviews for the new latex mattress we just purchased. We bought the Yam Hill 500 king latex mattress. There is a significant size difference between my self and my husband. He is 6’5" and 280 lbs and I am 5’6 at 140 lbs. He is ok with the mattress. I too feel it has air mattress qualities and is springy. It pushes against your body. I feel we roll into each other in the middle. It is almost like I am no sleeping on a level surface. There is definitely some motion transfer. I am curious if latex may not be the best for couples with size differences? What would be recommended for a situation as this? Don’t think i can return the mattress. I live in Hawaii and have Bed Mart and Mattress Firm.

I’m not familiar with that model/brand of mattress but it doesn’t sound normal for latex to do what you’re describing. Have you made sure that your mattress support is flat and not bowing under the weight at all? I would check this with the mattress on the floor first and then verify if you still see the same issues or not.