Bought a new mattress - A bit concerned

Hi Mattress Underground!

I’m new here and read the rules, I hope I don’t break any. As the title says, I bought a new mattress. I was moving in with my girlfriend, and was in need of a new bed fast and was on a budget. I did a fair bit of research, and decided to build my own bed. What I did was buy 6" of HD36-R Polyfoam 1.8lb density, and a 2" Soft memory foam topper. Now here is the problem, it is quite firm, not completely unbearable, but far too firm for me. (It’s my fault for buying blind!) Now I don’t think the 2" memory foam is the issue, I think its the 6" of Polyfoam.

Now my question is, does the polyfoam “break-in” at all? I did buy in layers so i could add or take away as I pleased, and as layers started to wear out replace them with new ones. What is a good solution here? Buy 2 more inches of memory foam to take the edge off? Let it “break in” if thats a thing with polyfoam?

Keep in mind I’ve only every had innerspring mattresses. I guess this just wasnt what I was expecting. Thank you for all of your help!

Hi SetJen,

Outside of spamming, advertising, and personal attacks … there really aren’t any “rules” that the members here would be likely to break :slight_smile:

It’s not surprising that this mattress would be too firm because a 36 ILD polyfoam support core is quite firm and with only 2" of memory foam on top of it you would be “going through” the memory foam layer and feeling much more of the firmness of the support core underneath it than many if not most people would be comfortable with. 2" of memory foam isn’t really enough to isolate most people from the firmness of the support core underneath it and this would be a “typical” construction for a firm memory foam mattress and softer memory foam mattresses would typically have either thicker layers or multiple layers of memory foam on top of the firmer support core.

Yes … there will be a break in and adjustment period over the first few weeks with any new mattress (see post #3 here and post #2 here) but the break in and adjustment period wouldn’t be enough to turn a firm mattress into a softer one and your mattress has a “firm” design which is unlikely to change even if it does get a “little” softer.

While both the polyfoam and the memory foam will “break in” to some degree … a typical solution if you prefer a softer mattress would be to add an additional layer of softer memory foam.