Bought Tempurpedic Costco, Cloud Supreme, what to put on to reduce body heat?

What works best to eliminate, if possible, all body heat created by sleeping on these mattresses?

Wool something or other?

Mattress cover?


You could try a latex mattress topper. Latex is really good at not trapping body heat. It’s pretty comfy too.


But that will change the feel or way the tempurpedic is supposed to feel more than just a thin layer of something or not?

I am really familiar with toppers and most of them are too thick of whatever material, etc.

I had some heat issues with a new memory foam mattress. After adding the combination of the St. Dormeir cotton/wool mattress protector and the L.L. Bean 100% pima cotton percale sheet set, I have not had any problems since. (Yes, together they add up to a ~$300 price tag, but I have no regrets because I feel the products actually did make a difference.)

thanks I will copy paste that info for later

Hi libertas,

There are some suggestions in post #2 here that may be helpful.

Anything that affects the temperature of your mattress will also affect the feel of the mattress to some degree as well because it will change the amount of heat that reaches the memory foam and will tend to firm it up or at least lengthen the time it will take to soften with your body heat. Thicker layers (mattress protectors, mattress pads, or toppers) will have a bigger effect on the feel of your mattress than thinner layers.


Sheets made from Tencel are really, really cool. Downlite sells the ones I use - after three years and many washings, they’ve just gotten softer and are still cool. I don’t know what effect they would have on the kind of mattress you have, but I use them on a latex mattress in warm weather. When the weather turns cool, I use flannel sheets, but I sleep in a very cool bedroom in the winter, around 60 degrees, and the Tencel sheets are too cool in the winter.

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