Bought twin when needed XL

Recently I purchased a twin mattress (Roma) for my son’s new daybed. I made the mistake of purchasing it before the daybed arrived. I am aware that many daybeds require extra long mattresses so I looked into it beforehand and neither the bed manufacturer nor the reviewers said anything about the need for an extra long mattress. Long story short- the daybed needs an Extra long mattress and I’m pretty much stuck with the regular twin. My son is only a toddler so I’m a little concerned the extra space on either side of the mattress could pose a safety concern if the mattress were to shift and his head got caught or something. Any suggestions as to how I can fix the issue?

Hi Rccitron,

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I’m sorry to learn of the error with the size of the mattress for your daybed. Most daybeds use a standard twin, so I am surprised that the description of the product you ordered wasn’t specific about not only the size needed, but that it used the larger twin extra long. :frowning:

I do understand your concern. The first thing that came to me was to have an upholstery shop create a simple foam cushion 9” thick to match the profile of the Roma and have it covered and have the dimensions such that it fits snugly in the “open space” of the daybed, and then you could even use a twin XL mattress pad and fitted sheets to help keep the mattress and cushion in place. And I would orient this extra piece, if possible, at the foot section of the bed, if your son has a preferred sleeping direction.

One thing I would check about would be the potential for a return/exchange with SleepEZ. There is a $99 return fee, and combined with exchanging for a new mattress of a larger size, I’m not sure exactly how much you might be out of pocket versus the cost you’d pay for a custom upholstery piece and what might make more sense

I know you could do more simple things such as using extra pillows or rolling up an extra blanket that you might have at home to fill in that space, but because of your concerns you’d probably want something that was more secure and snug-fitting.

Maybe there are others here on the forum who will have some other suggestions.


Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll look into them!

Hi Rccitron,

You’re welcome!