Bouncy Latex?

Hello all! I’ve just started looking for a new mattress. I decided I needed to find a latex mattress in a local showroom since I had never been on one before. The first store I went to had a couple of latex ones and when I laid down on them I immediately liked them. I then went to another store and when I laid down on their latex mattresses it felt entirely different. They had a very bouncy quality to them, almost like a waterbed. I was surprised to find such a completely different feel between the different stores,

Is there an explanation for this? Could it simply be that the mattress covers make that big of a difference? As I am planning to order from one of this site’s recommended mattress makers I want to be sure I get one that feels more like the first one I tried as opposed to the bouncy one.


Hi AreUPokey,

There could be many reasons for the differences between two latex mattresses (just like regular innerspring mattress have a huge array of different types of “feel” and performance). They include the type of latex (Talalay or Dunlop), the firmness of the layers, the thickness of the layers and the mattress, the type of foundation or box spring that is under the mattress, the cover and the quilting of the mattress, any other materials that are in the mattress, and the overall design of the mattress.

Which latex mattresses did you test?