Bowles Mattress Adventure

Decided I needed to get a “big boy” mattress, a twin xl wasn’t going to cut it post-college. I stopped in to my local mattress firm and got taken for a ride on beds until I settled with the iComfort line. The salesman did his magic trickery and I found myself a proud new owner of a bed.

Got home and decided to do research about it (horrible timing, I know). After finding multiple sites online (mainly TMU) I realized I had been played. Looked around at local mattress stores and found much better prices, less pushy sales associates, and better warranties.

I cancelled my order at the Mattress Firm and started doing a lot more research. After a month this is what I’ve come with: The Bowles HD Euro

From what I’ve read, Phoenix says this mattress has very few weak points in its construction. It has a 10 year non-prorated warranty, and is made in my state :slight_smile:

I’m a side and stomach sleeper, and this mattress felt the best. For cheaper than iComfort I was looking for!

I’m getting the mattress, box, frame, the waterproof sheet, and ILMP gel-infused pillow for a little over $1,200. Just wanted to let anyone else interested in Bowles have an idea on the pricing for a queen size.

Hi mlapaglia,

Thanks for adding the specs and your feedback about Bowles and the HD Series Eurotop to the forum :slight_smile:

As you know … I think the materials and components are good quality with no obvious weak links and IMO it’s also a good value choice as well. It would be on the firm side in both the comfort layers and support layers and could be very suitable for a heavier person who likes the feel of an innerspring/latex hybrid.

I’m glad you found us before you finalized the order at Mattress Firm!

I think you did well … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: