Box Spring

Looking for budget friendly queen box spring.

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To answer your question, you would need to provide more details. First, what is your budget? What type of mattress do you have? Some of your stats would be useful - height, weight,

A “box spring” is a very specific type of component, and I think you are using that as a general term. For the sake of clarity:
A box spring technically is a foundation using actual coil springs on the inside. True box springs haven’t been commonly used by major brands for decades. A box spring would make a mattress feel softer.

The bottom part of the sleep set, between the metal bed frame and the mattress, is often referred to by people as a “box spring”. But with modern mattress systems, this terminology would be incorrect. It’s commonly referenced as a “foundation”, and there are different types, some that flex, and others that don’t flex. The ones that flex will generally impart extra comfort to a mattress.

Many ‘big box’ and furniture stores carry foundations, and several of the Trusted members of the site offer them at a variety of price points – to start with you may want to look atU.S. Box Spring .If you provide additional information, and what you are looking for, we may be able to make further comments.