BR Pressuresmart 2.0 Firm Lumbar Support Issues

I purchased a Beautyrest PressureSmart 2.0 Firm mattress from Mattress Firm a few months ago and since I’ve had it, I have felt the lumbar support in the middle third of the mattress to be a little intrusive almost feeling like a bit of a hump. As a result, it often feels like my upper torso, shoulders and head feel slightly lower than the middle of the mattress. For the record, I am male, 5’8’ tall and just over 170 lbs.

I have made the bed at least tolerable by adding a 3" latex topper and putting a 1/2" soft camping pad under the topper on the upper third of the mattress to counter the intrusive lumbar support in the middle third of the mattress.

Having done some online research on other mattresses, it seems the lumbar support feature is very common in many mattresses, and especially on store brands such as Beautyrest, Sealy, Serta, etc. The lumbar support does not lend itself to comfortable side sleeping. I’m a combination sleeper, primarily stomach and side over the course of a night’s sleep.

Other than getting a different mattress, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for foam or other additions I could use on the upper third of the mattress (in place of the camping pad) to provide additional support or pressure relief for my upper body and head (and where I could purchase it). I’m open to other mattress suggestions as well but this one may suffice with a little tweaking.

Thanks very much.

Hello Jonnymac,

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Approaching this with an open mind, I’m familiar with the BeautyRest PressureSmart Mattress line.

Hopefully, you’re still within your return or exchange window for the mattress. While I typically avoid being overly critical of any mattress line or brand, it’s important to address the issues with the BR PS line.

Firstly, the BR PS employs the use of perimeter edge foam encasement, known as BeautyEdge, and that poses a problem. With approximately 3-5 inches of high-density foam around the mattress perimeter, the sleeping area is significantly reduced. For instance, in a king-sized mattress measuring 80x76 inches, you’re left with a maximum sleep area of 72x70 inches and a potential minimum of 70x66 inches with full spring support. As an edge sleeper myself, I’ve found that half of my body rests on the high-density foam edge, while the other half is on the spring support area.

I should point out that this BeautyEdge is presented as a benefit, particularly for older folks, who use the edge of the mattress as the place to put their shoes and socks on, akin to sitting on a chair. While this may seem like a positive use of the edge foam construction, issues arise when the foam starts to soften and the once firm edge becomes a soft liability over time.

Moreover, the tight stretchy attachment of the cover at the HD foam edges leads to what I’ve termed “the swimming pool cover effect.” Over time, the cover stretches towards the center of the mattress, causing sleepers to gravitate or roll towards the center. This occurs because the HD foam remain higher at the edges than the center due to the “carbon boost” convoluted memory foam in the comfort layer over the support springs. This type of foam, which often provides only half the amount of foam as a solid piece, allows the manufacturer to get two pieces of foam for the price of one.

Regarding lumbar support, while some individuals benefit from it, others find it uncomfortable. Your concern is valid, and it’s unfortunate that these aspects were not adequately explained by your salesperson at the time of purchase.

Considering your lumbar issues, you’ve already attempted to counter them with a 3-inch topper, but it seems this hasn’t provided an ideal solution. In such cases, I recommend considering a mattress with a thicker gauge coil support, ideally around the 13-gauge range, without zoning, and featuring a firm solid comfort layer.

I empathize with your situation, as my brother faced a similar issue with his guestroom bed, resulting in achy backs for my wife and I after every visit. Transitioning to a firmer mattress, returning from our visit on our BB Plank Luxe alleviates our temporary pain and we return to our normal comfortable sleep.

When considering a new mattress, pressure relief needs, posture, alignment, and personal preferences, there are numerous options available. I advise against opting for solutions from box store brands like S brands.

If you’re limited to exchanging within the same retailer, consider the S&F Classic Comfort Estate firm (not the lux). Alternatively, if you can explore beyond your initial retailer, there are plenty of options from our Trusted Members here at TMU as well as other reputable brands.

I regret that your current choice hasn’t met your expectations. However, mattress trials exist precisely for this reason. It’s essential to find what provides the most comfort for your preferences as the sleeper.

I am truly sorry there is no real fix worth exploring for long term comfort for this mattress and it’s lumbar construction.