Breaking in the Kiwi mattress

We unboxed our new queen size Kiwi mattress a couple of nights ago. First impressions are that it’s a bit hard for side sleeping (this was expected), but it did get noticeably softer from night 1 to night 2. However, I can’t seem to get comfortable in any position and I believe it’s the zoning in this mattress. (This is new per company, the Kiwi didn’t used to be zoned). I am either too light or the wrong height, because I feel like there’s a cement area under hip/low back. I also feel like my back/hips are getting pushed too high in comparison with the rest of my body when on my back, and hips getting pushed up too high when on my side. This leaves me rather achey in the morning.

My questions are:

Will that zoned area also loosen up over time? Or is this pretty much how the mattress feels?
What are some fixes aside from asking for a refund?
Would a topper help? I much prefer the feel of Talalay, so a MGM topper isn’t on the menu.
If a topper would help, what specs should I look for?

My partner is 5’11 170lbs and is a back/stomach sleeper
I am 5’8 141 lbs and mainly side/back sleeper.


The kiwi uses dunlop latex and has a medium feel. I wouldn’t suspect the zones will soften up much, nor would i expect the dunlop to soften up either. Latex is fairly resilient unlike memory foam where the cellscan open up and soften the experience. Now the inch of wool may compress down and feel firmer temporarily. I feel like what you noticed on day 2 and 3 is your body beginning to adjust to the mattress. That is a good thing and a normal occurrence. Hopefully, this adoption will continue over time. Or perhaps a cotton topper down the road to cut the firmness of the comfort layer down a notch without affecting the entire feeling. Mattress are never perfect, they change a bit, our bodies change a bit, we get used to sleeping on one surface and then we introduce ourselves to a new one. If the concept of the kiwi is up your alley, a couple of nights is not a prediction of your long term experience. I suggest you take a deep breath, dont let it get inside your head, and just lay down and go to sleep at night. If you prefer the feel of Talalay you could pop a topper of Talalay, but you should still give your body time to adjust. We can always second guess our choices, but there is no guarantee that the second guess will yield any better results than our first gut instinct. I would thing your partner as a stomach/back sleeper should love the feel. You could always do a test with a fluffy comforter folded in half, you have at home and “make” a pseudo topper, to place under your sheet to see if any additional softness under you hips helps, sort if easing your way into adjustment. Good luck with the kiwi.

Thanks for the detailed response! It’s a decent mattress and the company has great warranties etc so I was hoping to love it. Last night I definitely had a bit less aching, so perhaps you’re right and I will get used to it. I am strongly considering a Talalay topper. How many inches would be good for this scenario? And what firmness? I was leaning towards medium 24-28 IDL. Thanks!

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So, I will defer that question to Bob from CST
Custom Sleep Technology - Mattress Underground.
He is an expert on latex and matching the sleeper to the firmness of their mattress. My feeling on this is the adjustment period and a little more time. The dunlop Kiwi uses is a 22-24 ILD, so I am not so sure you would want to go firmer with the topper, although a case could be made that adding a similar layer to what is already there, puts you a little further from the thicker 13.75 gauge quality coils that the kiwi uses. The folks at MGM are here too, and they may offer a solution My Green Mattress - Mattress Underground. I am not sure what their policies are, but many companies offer a free topper or a reduced price one, when a client is having issues. They are a good company from everything I have heard about them, so my first call would be to them. I am a believer that the better company’s will do whatever it takes within reason, to satisfy a client. I just would not be so quick to pull the trigger on anything, although a 2in topper is not going to break anyone’s back.

Hello Batmannorm,
We’d be happy to help you with a topper. Please email us directly at [email protected].

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Hi, the person who needs the topper help is

Profile - lvjlt - Mattress Underground
I suggested they contact you as they were experiencing a little difficulty with their new mattress and I knew a good company like yours would be happy to help! Hopefully, they see this and respond. Or you can respond directly. Thanks for contacting.

Hi! We’d be happy to help you with a topper. Please email us directly at [email protected]. Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll reach out to MGM

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That is great! Hopefully they will offer you a comfortable solution, if you have not continuously adjusted to your satisfaction. The better company’s are generally happy to do this sort of thing and not leave their clients unhappy. It serves them no purpose. I don’t know if they will offer a “free” topper like my mattress store/manufacture provided for me, but I am quite certain they will do the right thing.! Good luck to you.

Just wanted to update this in case anyone else searches the Kiwi in this forum. Several more days in to sleeping on the bed and now my partner finds it too soft. I actually find it pretty soft now, too. I’m not sure if it’s the feel of the wool on top of the latex, but our son’s Luma Original mattress has the exact density dunlop on top, but it feels so much more supportive than our Kiwi mattress. I haven’t had a chance to reach out to MGM yet, but will be doing so. If it is indeed too soft, a topper won’t help us, right? I’m actually surprised that the bed is rated a medium. It really is a soft bed.

Maybe! As long as there are no dips or depressions, you may be able to put a firm topper on top of a dunlop mattress and it may work. I am not quite certain the mattress got softer. You may have simply adusted to the feel. Which is different than it soften up. I would be curious as to what MGM may say.
[email protected]

MGM wasn’t able to help. They only offer a really soft topper, and just suggested rotating the mattress. They did confirm that it softens over the first few weeks, so it’s not just us. We will unfortunately be returning it. It’s way too soft. My partner is getting worsening back pain and couldn’t sleep on it last night. I hope they live up to their reputation with returns.

Yes, I would agree with you on that. Weird how their latex would get soft like that. Now I am a bit suspicious. Wool generally gets firmer as you compress it, the springs should not get softer, so it has to be the dunlop, and dunlop should feel firmer the more you depress it. Seem like this thing went in the opposite direction.
Sorry it didnt work out, I would have thought they would have been able to come up with a better solution. I would have expected a better response than rotating the mattress. Then it would just get softer over the entire area you apply a force upon it. Not the response I was expecting. Now we know! That is real bummer! I guess you are on the hunt again! Good luck!