Brooklyn Bedding 10" Essence

So after a decent amount of research on this site, I finally purchased a King 10" Essence from Brooklyn Bedding. My wife and I have been sleeping on it since the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is very comfortable. However, it seems as if we sink towards the middle of the bed.

Now… it comes with a one piece, 6" support layer and TWO 3" comfort layers that lay side by side, next to each other on top of the support layer. Does this contribute to the “sinking-towards-the-middle” action. Would having a one piece comfort layer eliminate this?

If you look at the mattress head on, from the end of the bed, you can see the edges “curl up”. I believe this has to do with the fact that we had to cram/stuff the comfort layer into the mattress cover. It was definitely a snug fit, getting the two pieces in the cover. Once we zippered the cover we could visually see the edges lift off of the foundation. This is the only way I can justify us “sinking” towards the middle.

Anyone else dealing with this issue?

Not sure what to do from here.

Hi dchuck,

Generally a split layer with a tight fitting quilted cover wouldn’t be the cause of this and it would be more a function of the overall firmness of the mattress relative to the weight or weight differential of the people sleeping on it. Softer mattresses will do this more than firmer mattresses especially with higher weights or a larger weight differential (the lighter person can be in part of the deeper impression of the heavier person). It could also be connected to the tightness of the cover, how close together you tend to sleep, or the size of your mattress).

I’m not sure what could be causing this but latex is very elastic and it could somehow be “bunched up” or stretched inside the cover towards the outside edges. This may also be part of the reason why the “roll together” is happening and you may need to shift the latex more towards the center of the mattress so it is lying more evenly. Normally a tight zip cover pulls the top edges down more than pulling the bottom edges up but a picture may help to see what may be happening. Better yet would be to call them (and send them a picture) so they can tell you if what is happening is “normal” or if something else may be happening related to the fit and distribution of the latex and/or the tightness of the cover.