Brooklyn Bedding 10" Total latex or 14" ALoe Alexis

I’m leaning towards one of these two beds.

What that main differences? Pros and cons?

Does a “6” firmness feel the same in both beds or would if feel softer from one bed tothe other?

A few thoughts:

When it comes to a latex mattress, more is always better. Obviously there’s a price difference between the two so you need to find what works with your budget.

Polyfoam is very dense (read: firm) so, like any layer, it will have an impact on the layers above it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just fact. Your lower latex support layer in the Total Latex will assuredly be firmer than the comfort layer above it, but you are able to customize it a bit. More latex will also mean more breathability and a longer life span of the mattress as it’s a much more durable material. Now one thing I can’t answer is how Dunlop v. Talalay will impact at each layer. Not educated enough. I’ve been operating under the assumption that Talalay > Dunlop, but not sure if that translates into support layers as well. This article might help a bit: Mattress comfort layers - Latex foam - The Mattress Underground

I’d talk to the people at BB about the number scale. I imagine a 6 would be close to the same. Given the Total Latex has 2 latex layers, you can likely adjust to get them perfectly in synch.

One advantage to the Aloe Alexis might be that you can send the latex layers back and replace them to find the perfect fit. The Total Latex, even if free to ship back (and I’m not sure it is… probably, though), would be a nightmare to repackage and lug back, since you can’t swap out the lower layer.


Just to clarify your comment here …

Polyfoam and latex both come in a wide range of densities and firmness levels but latex is a much denser material than polyfoam. With polyfoam firmness/softness is not connected with density (any density can be made in a wide range of firmness levels) but with latex firmness/softness is very closely connected with density.

I certainly agree with your comment that more latex can provide both durability and performance benefits for a mattress … especially for those that are heavier.


Besides the article that JDMWDC linked … post #2 here talks more about the differences between a latex/polyfoam hybrid and an all latex mattress and post #4 here may also be helpful.

As JDMWDC also mentioned … while the Total latex mattress has options for both the comfort and support layers … only the top layer can be exchanged after a purchase while with the Aloe Alexis you can exchange (or re-arrange) either of the top two layers after your purchase.

“Feel” is very subjective and perceptions of how closely two mattresses compare can vary from person to person. There are also different types of softness and firmness and some people are more sensitive to “support softness/firmness” than they would be to “comfort softness/firmness” but having said that the upper layers are a bigger part of what most people feel on a mattress when they lie down on it (as opposed to how they feel when they wake up where the support layers can play a bigger role) so their relative ratings for different mattresses would be fairly accurate for most people.