Brooklyn Bedding 14" Aloe Alexis Review

Well, after weeks of deliberating on different mattresses and contemplating the idea of buying a mattress online, I pulled the trigger on a Queen 14" Aloe Alexis; the top tier mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. I’m beyond pleased with the quality and comfort of this product.

I spoke with both Chuck and Jacob at BB regarding their mattresses. They were both a pleasure to deal with and were easily able to guide me in the right direction without ever being pushy. As with most customers I’m sure, the hardest part for me was deciding on what level of firmness would be best for my wife and I. We knew we wanted firm, I just wasn’t sure how to interpret their firmness levels. Chuck gladly assisted me with some big brand models that I could try out at the big box stores that would compare to BB’s firmness levels. Based on what we liked, Jacob referenced the ILD levels which translated to a “firm (Level 3)” on the Brooklyn Bedding scale. After some further conversation, he guided me to try out their “Cushion firm (Level 5)” and assured me if It was too soft we would be able to exchange the top “comfort layer” for the firmer level 3.

Upon receiving my mattress, which was very quick considering they are made to order (5 days to NJ), I couldn’t believe it was packed in such a small box. As soon as I cut open the vacuum packaging the mattress puffed up to full size, without any off-gassing or unusual smells. Every aspect of the mattress appears to be made with quality materials and pride from top to bottom. Of course, we immediately laid on the mattress which felt great right off the bat. Immediate pressure relief and the firmness level seemed to be to our liking. The real test would come after a few nights’ sleep on it.

So it’s now been about 2 weeks of sleeping on our new Aloe Alexis and I can’t even begin to describe how much better both my wife and I feel overall. After a few nights of sleeping on it we both realized during the day how awake we felt and all my aches and pains seemed to have disappeared. Jacob was spot on with his recommendation for the Level 5 and I don’t feel like I need to exchange for something firmer. The innerspring we had been sleeping on prior had seen much better days and really wasn’t a great mattress in the first place, albeit an expensive one! At first, it was hard to tell if the BB was that good or if our old mattress was just so bad. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone I know to purchase a mattress from BB, as they have a quality product and great customer service/support.

If you are considering a mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, or are on the fence about buying your mattress online I hope this write up helps sway your decision. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’ll try to remember to update this in due time regarding how the mattress is holding up, etc. Overall, I’m happier than I thought I would be and getting a great nights sleep, every night!

Hi hopheadred,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great and detailed review about your experiences with Brooklyn Bedding and the mattress you purchased.

It certainly seems to me that you made a great choice both in quality and value terms and also in how well the mattress matches your needs and preferences.

I’m looking forward to any more “reports” you have the chance to post … and most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: