Brooklyn Bedding - 14" Aloe Alexis

Hi Everyone,

I’m very interested in the Brooklyn Bedding - 14" Aloe Alexis. This bed comes with two 3" layers of latex. I’m 6’3" and weigh 250. My wife weighs about 140. While I prefer a “soft” feeling bed I know because of my size this might not be the best choice for longevity. Does anyone have a recommendation on how the layers of latex should be configured for maximum longevity while still trying to keep it as soft as possible? My current Beautyrest has significant indentations/crater where I sleep and it is driving me crazy. The mattress is only a year old but started breaking down within a few months.

I want to configure the bed to be as soft as possible while maintaining the integrity of the mattress. If this means having a firmer mattress than so be it.


Hi amrawhite,

The two best ways to decide on a layering that works best for you is either local testing on latex mattress that you can use as a guideline (which is the most accurate because it’s based on your own personal experience) or a more detailed phone conversation with Brooklyn Bedding where they can give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience with their mattresses and customers that may be similar to you to help you make your best possible comfort choices.

Latex is already a very durable material and the most durable of all the foams no matter what firmness you choose but firmness is also a factor in durability. You can read more about the many factors involved in durability here. They also have split layering available so each side can be customized for each of you. You will need firmer foams because of your heavier weight and for good alignment but firmer foams will also feel softer for you because you will sink into them more.

Softness and firmness is very subjective and subject to each person’s interpretation. What is too firm for one can be too soft for the next. The good news though is that the Alexis also provides good options if you need to make any changes to your latex layers after you’ve slept on it so your first choice doesn’t have to be your last :slight_smile: