Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Ever

Hi fsumom,

This is an example of the context I was mentioning in my last reply. They are much more “green” than the vast majority of mattresses that are on the market that only “call themselves” green (and there are many examples of this) and yet because of their transparency they have become the the subject of this type of “critical leaning” conversation.

Most of the information on this forum and in this topic about their mattresses originates from them and is available to anyone that talks with them and if that’s not “transparent” I really don’t know what is.

There could be many reasons for this (including their machinery or how their covers are made). They have even sourced wool from the same supplier that SleepEZ uses (and decided against it … although this also doesn’t mean that SleepEZ’s covers would be somehow uneven or “lumpy”) but they would be the best source of information about these types of questions. Of course that could take this conversation even deeper into the rabbit hole of more and more questions that spring from every answer or new “piece” of information. The bottom line for most of their customers would be that they are a great quality/value mattress that uses “natural” and “safe” materials (by any meaningful definition of both of these terms) that are well described on their website and that would be well worth considering as an option for those that prefer natural materials (even for their children) … but not for those that for personal reasons (rather than safety or performance reasons) are looking for a mattress that doesn’t contain any synthetic materials or any kind or a certified organic mattress (although some organic mattress do contain some synthetic materials as well). I would also keep in mind that an organic certification or how “green” a mattress may be has very little to do with the “safety” or performance of the materials.

I certainly don’t believe that anyone’s criteria for a mattress are unreasonable … they just are what they are regardless of whether they are based on any specific needs or are just based just on personal preferences. In some cases they may be based on incorrect assumptions or beliefs (which is part of why this website exists) but expecting to find every answer you may want on a manufacturers website isn’t generally a reasonable expectation in the industry. I don’t know of a single manufacturer in the industry that has a website that includes all the information that I could ask about on their website or that I couldn’t find some “fault” with if I wished to.

There is a great deal of information in post #2 here and the topics it links to about mattresses and children and “suitable” and “safe” materials including a link to some general guidelines for children in post #2 here. It also includes a number of links to the better forum posts and topics about mattress and children as well which have more information about many good options which would be well worth considering (including My Green Mattress).