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Hey there! This is my first post, and I have been a visitor on this site for several weeks while I deliberated about a new mattress. We took many people’s suggestions and went and tried some Tempurpedic models and then tried to find a comparable mattress. We really liked the Tempur Cloud Supreme Breeze. At first we considered the Dreamfoam 13" gel mattress on Amazon, but felt that we needed the security of the return program offered by Brooklyn Bedding. After talking to Mario, we decided to go for the Purecool model. It was pretty pricey at $1799, but we got it on Labor day with a $100 off promo code that included two latex pillows, and I also liked them on Facebook for 2 memory foam pillows. I will keep everyone posted on my thoughts on the mattress over the next few months as we try it out. Thanks everyone for your input, especially Phoenix!

Thanks for posting! I’ll be very interested to hear your review. I’m interested in this mattress too but I’m still deliberating… I’m also considering the Selectfoam Cirrus Luxe and the Supreme. Normally I’d shy away from anything so soft (bought a too soft mattress 6 years ago and hate it) but with the HD layer in 2nd layer of the Luxe, I’m told the bed is actually firmer than the Supreme.

One thing I can say with certainty: both Mario and Peter are both helpful and patient. Emphasis on patient! I really do feel like I’m choosing between the “good and the good.” What I have to sort out still are my preferences and of course my husband’s :slight_smile:

Hi stbwolfe,

It seems to me that you did some good research and ended up making a great choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it.


Seems like a popular topic as my wife and I are deliberating the same choice. We both really liked the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme in terms of softness and support. Don’t want to spend $3300, so looking at the BB Cool Supreme and the SF Cirrus Supreme-ES based on the discussions on this website.

Just curious if these two mattresses are more similar to the Tempurpedic “Breeze” or standard Cloud in terms of cooling?


Hi Don,

Both of them use gel memory foam which would make them more similar to the Cloud Supreme Breeze than to the Cloud Supreme in terms of the memory foam but it’s also very difficult to quantify temperature regulation because of all the variables involved. There are also other factors besides just the gel memory foam (including the protector you choose and your sheets and bedding) that would also affect the sleeping temperature of your mattress (see post #2 here).


When I went in to try out the Tempurpedics, the salesperson was explaining to me that the “Breeze” line was incorporating a new type of gel undergoes a phase change in order to further trap and transport body heat away from you. We really liked the feel of this line, so that was the reason that we ended up going with the “Purecool” line from BB. They are also incorporating a type of phase change gel into these beds. It is about $400-$500 more for this. Mario from BB sent me a powerpoint presentation from the gel making company that explains this technology. I can’t figure out how to include an attachment in a post, but you can email BB and they will send you the same file.

Hi stbwolfe,

You can read a little more about phase change gel (and other types of gel materials) in post #2 here and the other posts it links to.

Their “advanced” gel memory foam actually uses several technologies that help the memory foam sleep cooler and one of these is phase change gel. It is a very high quality memory foam.

the current forum setting don’t allow powerpoint files as attachments but if you email the file to me (at the contact link at the top of the page) I’ll see if I can change the settings and attach it to your post if you’d like.


After a bit of a delay, we finally received our mattress. After a week or so of no progress with the shipment, I contacted BB and they informed me that they were short of some fabric and that my mattress would be shipped as soon as possible. It took about 2 weeks to receive the mattress from when I ordered it.

I was very excited to try out the new mattress. My first impression upon laying on the mattress was that it seemed softer than the Tempur Cloud Supreme Breeze that I tried (which was also brand new). I am scared that this mattress will become too soft when it “breaks in.” It does not feel as supportive on my lower back as the Tempur (laying on my back). I woke up very early in the morning and was feeling pretty hot. I remember thinking “well I guess I am returning this one.” I also felt a small amount of discomfort in my lower back. Overall I did not sleep very well.

Coming from a fairly firm and old mattress, I expected to have some difficulties from the switch. I have never slept a full night on a memory foam mattress and was not quite prepared for the sinking/insulating feel of the foam. I am very optimistic about this mattress and I am willing to give it a month or two to see if I adjust to this bed. It should also be noted that I am 6’4" and weigh 210 lbs, and may be in need of something firmer. I will say, however, that sleeping on my side was extremely comfortable on this mattress.

I will post again in a week or so to update my review. I am also interested in mattress covers that may help me to stay cool during the night, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hi stbwolfe,

Thanks for the feedback … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate that your order was delayed because that’s certainly longer than their norm but of course “stuff happens” sometimes and I’m glad you were patient.

As you mentioned … it’s certainly not unusual that a new type of sleeping surface can take some getting used to and there can be some discomfort as part of the adjustment period with a new mattress. This is especially true when the firmness level of your old mattress is quite different and your body has to “unlearn” its sleeping memory. Of course the “feel” of a mattress is somewhat subjective (sometimes even the same mattress can feel different if you test it in the morning and then go back and test the same mattress in the afternoon) but just to rule out other possibilities memory foam is temperature sensitive so the softness of your mattress can be affected by the temperature or humidity in your bedroom. Some mattresses are also “pre-conditioned” or made with more open cells so that some of the windows in the cells have been opened before the mattress is made so the amount of softening that occurs with the break in varies between different types of memory foam so that can play a role as well in your comparison with a new Tempur Cloud Supreme. The real test though is how you feel over the course of the first 30 days or so.

There is some information in post #89 here about mattress protectors and some of the pros and cons of each type. A wool or stretch cotton protector is generally the most breathable and coolest but they also aren’t waterproof like the membrane type although wool is water resistant. A wool protector or any thicker bedding can also affect the “feel” of memory foam and reduce the amount of heat that reaches it and affect its ability to contour to your body (make it a little firmer) so the thinner types are much more commonly used with memory foam. your sheets can also have an effect on the sleeping temperature of a mattress (you can see some of the factors that affect sleeping temperature in post #2 here).

I’m looking forward to your next update.


On night two my opinion of the mattress totally changed. I kept a window open to cool off the room and proceeded to have a great night’s sleep :slight_smile: It feels like sleeping on a cloud. I feel that the mattress is now fully inflated, and also that I am getting used to the memory foam “feel.” Combined with all of the free pillows we got from BB, our bed seems like a whole new (good) experience.

I’ll update periodically and try to create a thorough review of the product.

Hi stbwolfe,

Thanks for the “next” update. It’s amazing the difference a day … or a night … can make :slight_smile:

I also added the pdf file you sent me about their memory foam to post #6 of the thread.


It has been a little while since my last update, but here are my feelings over the last three weeks:
I am really happy with my new mattress. I sleep like a baby on the foam and my girlfriend absolutely loves it as well. At the beginning, I thought that the mattress slept a little hot, but now I consider the temperature to be just about perfect all the time. The purecool material really does seem to keep the mattress temperature at “just right” all night.
I still am not convinced, however, that this is the mattress that we will stay with. I sometimes wake up with slightly sore hips or a small sore spot in the middle of my back, and I can’t tell if it is from the mattress being too soft of firm. Sometimes I get the impression that it is too soft for me when I am on my back, because my hips sink in slightly lower than my shoulders. At other times I get the impression that it is too firm, because it seems like I can feel that base foam when I am lying on my side. This also may be me being too critical. There may just be no such thing as a “perfect fit” for someone of my size and build (6’4" 210 lbs, athletic) in combination with someone my girlfriend’s size (5’2" 110 lbs, lazy :)) Luckily, BB offers the 120 day return/exchange policy that is especially good on the purecool line.

Overall, I am very happy with the mattress and I have recommended this company to many other people already. If anyone has any advice on whether I should consider a more firm or a thicker, more plush mattress I would greatly appreciate any input.

Hi stbwolfe,

Thanks for the feedback on your mattress … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It sounds to me like the mattress is working well for you and you are “in the middle” of your two main sleeping positions (back and side) which is usually the indication of a good choice.

The most reliable way to know if a mattress is working well for you is any specific symptoms you are having. In general there are “alignment” symptoms (typically discomfort or pain in specific areas of the body) and “pressure relief” symptoms (typically numbness, tingling, or pain on specific pressure points). The rest are mostly preference issues or based on “feel” which is less important and is often part of adjusting to a new sleeping system. When you find yourself describing your experience with “it feels like” (with things such as how far some areas of your body are sinking in) then these are usually preference issues while if your descriptions are more in line with “I have” (discomfort or pain or sore spots etc) then these are actual “symptoms” that may need to be addressed. Sometimes different symptoms may not be connected to a mattress mattress and may have more to do with the events or changing circumstances of your day or week and how you feel in general.

A sore spot in your hips may be a pressure point from a mattress that is a little too firm (although for men pressure points are more typically in the shoulder area) or it could be from a mattress that is a little too soft where the hip joints are not in their neutral alignment over the course of the night (usually from side sleeping) which can lead to some tension and discomfort in the hips if you sleep in the position that causes this for too long. Pain in the midback can come from either a mattress that is too firm and puts direct pressure on the muscles or from a mattress that is a little bit too soft and your back is sinking in unevenly and the muscles are working to keep your spine in alignment instead of fully relaxing. Upper body pain can also come from a pillow issue (where a pillow is too thick when you sleep on your back and it pushes your head forward which can cause neck and midback issues. Post #2 here may also be helpful when you have a new memory foam mattress to help you identify other possible causes for any discomfort. There is also a list of forum posts that talk about the various symptoms that are most common with a new mattress purchase and some of the possible solutions in post #2 here.

Identifying the underlying cause of any symptoms on a mattress can take some detective work but the first step is always a more detailed conversation with the retailer or manufacturer you purchased it from. They know more about their mattresses than anyone and the better ones will be very helpful in making suggestions if you are experiencing any issues with your mattress.


Hey guys!
Thanks again Phoenix for all of the great information. After adjusting to the bed, I am very pleased with it. I no longer experience discomfort (most nights) and I have really adjusted to the feel of the mattress. The temperature of the mattress continues to impress me: I never feel too hot or too cold, even though my room gets either too hot or too cold frequently. I keep a variety of pillows at my disposal, and I switch them whenever I feel uncomfortable. This really seems to be the trick.

I would still highly recommend this bed to anyone considering it. It has a nice firmness for those of us who are back/side sleepers. Any harder and my hips would likely hurt in the morning, and any softer and my lower back would probably bother me. Sometime I think that I should have purchased a latex mattress because of the more supportive feel, but then I remember how the latex feel just bothered me. If anyone has any questions about my feelings on the Purecool line from BB or about the supreme line feel free to ask!

Hi stbwolfe,

I was wondering how u still feel about the PureCoolSupreme. I’ve pretty much narrowed my choice down to the Cool Series Supreme. I was originally thinking I would need a firm memory foam bed, until testing out some temur-pedics and liking the supreme and luxe models. I’m particularly interested in how you feel about the bed because I am 6’7 235lbs so I def need a supportive bed and from what u wrote your a comparable body type. I know the mattresses are different but are pretty close to compare. Thanks for any insight you can give!

I apologize for my delay, I didn’t see your question until now. I am still very pleased with my mattress. I also considered a firmer mattress, even a few weeks after i received my new one. For me, it came down to a compromise between back and side sleeping positions. If my mattress was any firmer, I would be uncomfortable on my side. Now that I have become adjusted to it, both positions are extremely comfortable for me. If you are a hot sleeper, I would highly recommend the purecool line. If my mattress was any warmer it would bother me. I wrestled with the price difference for a few weeks, and eventually justified it because of how much I value good sleep.
If you have yet to make a decision, I hope this helps. If you have made a decision, I hope you enjoy your new mattress. Either way I recommend a good platform bed with minimal slat spacing. It really makes a huge difference.

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