Brooklyn Bedding vs.

What do you guys think about the smackdown that tries to lay on Brooklyn Bedding on this page:

Fair or not?

Hi AdamW,

You can see my thoughts in post #2 here.


Not a fan of bad-mouthing a competitor in this way. In fact, i almost posted the same question you did.
I own a BB mattress and it is high quality. I may buy another mattress soon so i decided to check out the other companies that are members here. When I saw Arizona’s trash talk I closed the website and moved on to the next – i have a tendency to disbelieve claims of people (companies) that engage in school-yard antics.

Thanks guys … I was basically deciding between the two, and I had the same general impression - that it turns me off to see that kind of thing. But I wanted to see if it had merit before proceeding. Phoenix, your comments in the post you linked to are spot on, from a general standpoint - and I, too, hope they’ll remove that. It probably turns off more people than it attracts.

I searched for a while before posting as to whether you had addressed it before. I couldn’t find it via search, so I apologize for re-posting about the same topic, and appreciate your reply.

That said, it’s also still nice to get another confirmation that BB is OK. I went ahead and ordered their Bamboo Bliss (with 5% discount - thanks Phoenix) … couldn’t quite afford the Aloe Alexis, though I really wanted to. But I think the BB will be just fine, from the impressions I’m getting. We got a comfort-level 5/6 split king. Looking forward to getting it and finding out. Will report back when I do. Cheers.

Hi AdamW,

No problem … there are many things that are well worth saying again :slight_smile:

You certainly made a great quality/value choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to share your feedback when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it.


I saw this page on their website while researching mattresses. I am not sure what he is trying to accomplish but this sort of trash talk can only hurt not help his sales.
The least he can do is get his facts straight. I came across his video “Sealy Latex Mattress Reviews - Sagging - Complaints” on YouTube which is also on his webpage. In the text right above the video he lists the specs for a Sealy Embody latex mattress, but the video is of a Sealy Reflection Venice Beach mattress. Sealy stopped manufacturing the Reflection line years ago. Yes the video is correct up to the point where he states that the mattress has a 6" or 7" poly foam core. This is incorrect. ALL the Sealy Reflection mattresses had a 7.5" 34 ILD Dunlop latex core surrounded by a 4" wide HD pu foam racetrack edge. What you are seeing in the video is the poly foam racetrack edge. As you moved up (or I consider down) in the line, Sealy added more poly foam and only a bit more latex to the top layers.
Before I purchased my Sealy Reflection Newport Beach mattress back in 2004 I obtained the specs for the Reflection line. If you flip my mattress over you can see the Dunlop latex core.
He is correct in that the Sealy’s Reflections were not all latex mattresses, but he should correct his video or take it down.

Just for clarification, I believe to be of the finest quality just like Brooklyn Bedding. I like BB at this moment because I bought their product and really like it. So I just want to clarify that I didn’t think thrashing a competitor publicly is the right thing to do I also realize (Arizona) is super high quality/value.
Both companies have my respect for their product…one of them could be a bit more diplomatic in my opinion.