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I recently had a long conversation with Shawn at Brooklyn Bedding. In his expert opinion, the best bed for my wife and I is the 10" Total Latex bed. My major concern with this bed is that underneath the cover it has a ½" inch of Californian Wool to keep the mattress cool. My wife has allergies to wool and a slight case of asthma. It’s a contact allergy and she can’t wear wool sweaters because they irritate her skin. According to Shawn, this probably won’t make a difference because she’s not coming into contact with the wool. He also told me that if I want to, they can remove the wool from the mattress while it’s being manufactured.

Phoenix, what do you think? Does it make sense to get it with wool, or tell him to remove it?

The also have a bed called the Cotton Camilla. This mattress comes with a cotton cover, but it only has 3" of Talalay Latex instead of 6" like the Total Latex bed. The one stipulation that my wife has is that the bed has to have a plush feel. That’s why Shawn is recommending the Total Latex bed over the Cotton Camilla.

As always, thanks for your help. You’ve become my mattress GURU!!!

Hi 2manybeds,

Of course only you can decide this but if it was me I would keep the wool for it’s benefits because there is no contact with the wool so it wouldn’t affect a wool contact allergy.


Hello 2manybeds,

I would first like to thank you for shopping you inquiry at Brooklyn Bedding. I believe you would have been assisted by either Myself, Carlos, or Jacob.

We would be happy to offer a cover without wool if you would prefer to go that rout, I would also like to mention there are also some benefits to including the wool in the quilted layer, for instance wool acts as a natural FR (Fire Retardant) material to keep from having to add any synthetic materials to the mattress. Wool also helps regulate the temperature on the surface of the mattress which is also a nice feature.

I would agree with our associate who assisted you and also Phoenix that it should not create any problems with her allergy since she would not be in direct contact with the wool material. I can also provide some other alternatives to help with that also, one recommendation I would have is to purchase a nice mattress protector/pad either from our site or locally in order to ensure she is not in direct contact with the wool material. This is something that is recommended in every case to protect your investment. All of your linens should also help with this.

I hope the information provided is helpful and can help you on you journey to getting a better nights rest. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information about this or have any requests. I would be happy to assist you.

Best Regards,
Mario Sevilla
Brooklyn Bedding

The material here is amazing. I feel confident enough to purchase from Brooklyn Bedding now;) thanks!

Hi Golfnbeau15,

Thanks for the kind words … and I’m glad the site could help you :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to let us know what you end up choosing.


I have worked with Mario several times…since June 2013; the excellent service and attention to detail is consistent.
I bought two of the Aloe Alexis and one Smooth Fit. We are very pleased with our choices and have no regrets.

Please return to this thread and let us know your decision, likes, dislikes…etc.