Brooklyn Bedding

They have an F rating with the BBB for failing to respond to 3 complaints. All they would have to do is respond in a reasonable manner. The one claiming an allergy and they are beyond the return policy sounds a little strange. 120 day return policy and you have an allergy and did not realize the mattress had materials that were bad for your allergy in time to return the mattress? You would still think the company would respond just to avoid the bad rating.

Hi Napper,

I am not a big fan of the BBB for many reasons and you can see my thoughts about the BBB in post #3 and #4 here and points #1 and #5 in the comments here from another member and in post #4 here.

There have been many examples (including some that I know about personally) where good businesses have in effect been held to ransom by a single complaint (such as being given an “F” rating) which “magically” disappeared the day after they joined and paid and was changed to an “A”. While they do perform a service … they are not my favorite business (and that’s all they are) and I would especially take the time to read and watch the article and video here done by ABC News which also has some good information about the BBB that calls their reliability and integrity into serious question.

While I would use a BBB rating as one of many “data points” in my research … I would also take them with a “grain of salt” and I would always make sure that you read the specifics of any BBB complaints (many consumers make completely unreasonable and unjustified complaints there that can have a very negative effect on a business’ rating) and also note the number of complaints before taking them too seriously.

While I do agree that it would be a simple matter for them to resolve their rating (assuming that they even know about them) … the two complaints that are described are questionable at best.

In one case a customer is complaining that they wouldn’t provide a refund to a credit card but this would either be because they paid with PayPal (which they used to accept) in which case a refund would be paid in the same way that it was originally paid or because it was over 60 days old after which a credit card processor may not allow a credit card refund and in this case they would pay the refund by cheque or by PayPal. The strange thing is that they even acknowledged receiving the refund.

The second complaint is ridiculous because they are complaining that they weren’t told that the mattress isn’t all latex and that the customer service rep “lied” which is impossible to believe because the layers and components in the mattress are clearly listed on their website and can be seen by anyone. An allergy to any of the materials would show up well within the 120 day trial period and the length of their trial period where the mattress can be returned (for any reason) is also clearly stated on their website.

The third complaint isn’t described but if there was an issue with delivery then Brooklyn Bedding would certainly have dealt with it in whatever way was appropriate.