brooklyn mattress medium too hard?

I purchased a Brooklyn mattress medium in early June. After sleeping on it for a month I found my back issues getting worse and my legs hurting on the side. I called Brooklyn mattress and they sent me a memory foam topper to try for free. I am more comfortable with the memory foam topper but it is not what I wanted for my bed. I don’t want a topper, I just want the bed to be comfortable. I really did not want memory foam next to me because of the feeling of the foam is so squishy and I don’t think it is healthy as latex to sleep directly on. I did have a Tempurpedic which wore out and caused back issues for both my husband and me after so many years. We always found the Tempurpedic to sleep very warm, but initially the comfort was very good. We liked that we didn’t disturb each other when we moved. My question is do I return the mattress and try a different brand or get the soft Brooklyn mattress which I will not be able to return.

Hi Gardener1,

I’m sorry to hear that your mattress turned out to be too firm for you but of course you had the foresight to choose a mattress with a great return policy so that you could test it in person without any risk.

If a mattress/topper combination is a good “match” for you in terms of “comfort”, firmness, and PPP then having a separate topper has the advantage of being able to replace just the topper without replacing the entire mattress if it softens or breaks down before the upper foam layers in the mattress (which is often likely because the upper layers of a sleeping system tend to soften or break down before the deeper layers) or if your needs or preferences change over time. A suitable topper can also help extend the useful life of the mattress underneath it because it will absorb some of the compression forces that can soften or break down the top layers of the mattress underneath it over time.

The choice between latex and memory foam is really a preference choice more than a “better/worse” choice and some people prefer one and some people prefer the other. Either way their memory foam is CertiPUR certified so like latex it would certainly be “safe enough” for most people.

That would depend on whether you are confident enough that the soft will be a good “match” for you in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP to take the risk but you are the only one that can decide what to do and on the level of risk you are comfortable with.