Buckling column layer for pressure relief

I am looking for a mattress that has superior pressure point relief. I read something on this forum about buckling columns, providing superior pressure point relief. Also that they can make a mattress quite expensive and that they must be accompanied by other layers of adequate durability, taking into consideration my body type (BMI over 30, 200 lbs.). Are there any recommendations of mattress manufacturers who are members on this site who sell mattresses like this?

Hi again gregtames!

Because this isn’t a super popular material, we don’t have any Trusted Members on our site that we would recommend with beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In this case, the best thing you can do is - if possible - go to a showroom that offers beds that include this kind of comfort layer to decide if it’s going to be supportive and comfortable enough. Or, alternatively, purchase a bed with a great return or exchange policy so you can try it out at home and see how you feel. Again, with regards to durability of that particular material, it’s still sort of an unknown and will certainly vary from person to person.