Budget bed frame for Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress


I’m on a tight budget and will hopefully be ordering the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress. Would a platform like this be suitable?


Any other suggestions?

Hi drog,

It would probably be OK but I would personally prefer a similar type of foundation with more longitudinal wires so that the grid has less gaps and is more evenly supportive (less risk of the flexible latex sinking into the gaps).

The foundation thread here has some links to similar bases (along with many other foundation options) that are either a little lower in price (for 6 or 7 wire versions) or a little more for a 10 or 11 wire version (which would be my choice in this type of frame/foundation).


Thank you.

So now I’m looking at this one:


The Amazon images show 10 wires, but the consumer images show 7. I’ve asked the seller for clarification on that but if you have anything to add that would be great.

Hi drog,

The Malouf site seems to show 10 wires (each side of a King) so I’d be interested to hear what they say and if the customer images are accurate. It could be that the picture is half of a split queen size.


This is the image in question.

It is half a queen. What do you mean by half a split queen?

In any case, I’m just wondering if they changed the specifications of the product and didn’t re-take the photos.

Hi drog,

A king and queen size both have two halves. The wire count I normally refer to would be for a twin size (which is half of a “split” King) and because a split queen (half of a queen size) would be narrower than half of a king size … the wire count would also be lower which would account for the difference in wire count. I did see the lower wire count picture and it does say “queen” so I would assume that this is the reason for the lower count but I would want to make sure just in case (it’s not uncommon that images don’t quite relate to the actual product).

So if the picture is half of a queen and it has 7 wires … then the odds are good that the king size would have the 10 wires. Comparing the wire counts of each one in twin sizes keeps the comparisons “apples to apples”.


Makes perfect sense. Most images are probably of the king size. Thank you.