Budget Twin Bed Recommendation for Side+Stomach Sleeper


I’m 170 lb, 5’10" (26M) and based in Somerville, MA. I recently moved out to my own private room and am now researching my way to a good night’s rest. I found a KD Frames Ekko Twin Platform for my small room and am looking for a comfortable mattress. I’ve looked everywhere, MattressFirm (steep sales on S-brand mattresses), FB Marketplace and other smaller vendors.
I’ve been eyeing Dreamfoam as they seem to be more transparent than most vendors (tho I can’t find their mattress foam densities). I believe hybrid or foam mattresses (6-7 firmness) are best for my sleep combination based on what I’ve read so have been locked in on those types of mattresses. I don’t know anything about anything and am looking for recommendations under <$250, brands to look into/look out for, local vendors, etc. I know I don’t have a lot to go on, but please let me know my best options.

Hello madd1lsr1h and new MUGster,
Welcome to the MattressUnderGround

When searching for a mattress the first thing you want to do is take a quick review of our tutorials TMU Complete Tutorial and the guide on mattress materials Mattress Categories and Materials.

In addition to the tutorials I would be remiss in discussing the importance of making sure the mattress is a good match for you in terms of “comfort”, firmness, and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure and relief, Personal preferences. Another good reference is here 5 Steps to your perfect mattress

Having introduced you to our tutorials and mattress guides. Your budget may be a challenge to match all that the above might suggest. Familiar with the dreamfoam line, you are correct, they are quite transparent with their products. Quite honestly, if you query their chat option during business hours, as I have many times, they will graciously offer you all the specifications of each layer of their mattresses for comparison.

Just off the top of my head, @DLX offers a very nice mattress in a twin DLX Twin and with the code available to MUGsters DLX Discount It is slightly about your budget, but @DLX makes quality products as does all of our Trusted Members and with the personal service you would expect from and independent manufacturer. I happen to like the dreamfoam line, as I think they make a nice budget mattress.

Naturally, it is not about me, it is about you. Which means you need to be mindful of the 4R’s. Return, Restocking Fee, Refund Policy and Reputation. Even on your budget, you want something that is going to meet your needs and comfort without having to repeat the process sooner than you would care to. Another option is to take a peek at Mattress to Go, you can use the filter to the left side of the page and click on twin and under 299 and there are several mattresses that will display in different firmness levels very close to your budget. Again, quality construction, more traditional styling, but made to last.

All of these are subject to your PPP’s and it is important to test them when available. No one can tell you what you are going to like. It is perfectly understandable you have a budget, so as general suggestions, you now have three companies that have something to offer, in and around your range. I am not certain which dreamfoam you were thinking about, but, now you have a means to compare those within your budget.

We are always here to help, so if you find the need or have any questions, feel free to fire away.

Good luck researching and selecting,

All the best,


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Hi, thank you for telling me about DLX and Mattress to Go. I will look into them. Before I get started, I was also talking about Dreamfoam Doze and Essential mattresses, would you happen to know anything about them?

You are quite welcome.

Yes, I am familiar with both. From my personal perspective, I am not a big fan of the doze, I like the essential better. Both are all foam mattresses, but I like the construction of the essentials better than the doze. The doze is make with convoluted foam, which generally means they are using half the amount of foam for the same amount of area, mainly this is done as a cost cutting measure. The easiest way to describe the process is, when they make the cut to produce the convoluted design, they get two layers from one slab. You are 170lbs, I dont think it will provide enough support. Whereas the Essentials is using HD foam for the base. I dont have the stats for that mattress, which I know tomorrow you will chat with them and find out, right :rofl:, say, yes. (just me being a wise guy lol), but I would venture to bet, that it is at least a 1.5 to 1.8lb density with and ILD in the mid 30’s. 1.8lb would be better. The two other mattresses, from @DLX and @MattressToGo use spring support layers. I am a spring support advocate, but again, it is about you, your comfort and your budget.
Take your time, compare the options and then make your assessment.

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Yes! I will chat with them tomorrow :rofl:. I went through the tutorials as an exercise, despite the fact that I likely won’t find these specs at my budget:

  • I gathered that a firm support layer (innerspring -13 or 14 gage or HD 1.8-2 lb polyfoam) and a plusher comfort/quilting layer(s) (2" of memory foam or <1" of plush polyfoam) would be a good starting point for me as a stomach/side sleeper. Would I be correct in making these assumptions?
  • Should I also take the densities of comfort/quilting layers into account as well as the thickness of the support layer HD foams?
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Generally speaking, yes 13-14g indicates a manufacturer is trying to produce a firmer spring support layer. 1.8lb HD foam with an ild in the mid 30’s indicates a firmer foam, the cover layer can be plushier if you choose, but stomach sleepers often prefer a firmer surface, so the quiilted cover layer could have an ild as high as 50. All that will depend on personal preferences. But yes, the limited budget does create less options, but as you see there are still quality opportunities, so there is light at the end of this tunnel.

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Hey M,
So the Doze and Essentials use the same base HD 1.8lb approx 36-38ILD. The Doze’s base is convoluted, rather than solid, which I spoke about before. The 7" and 9" Doze’s use a .75" quilted top, and the 11" uses a 1.5" quilted top.

The essentials is the same 1.8lb - 36ILD base although it is a solid section of HD foam with the gel swirl memory foam on top, which is a 2.5lb memory foam. As you have read in the tutorials, the more dense the memory foam, the more durable and longer lasting it is expected to be. The memory foam in the Essentials, might be helpful as a side sleeper, but it is all personal.

Hopefully, this helps with your decision making, if there are any other questions, we are always here to help our fellow MUGsters!


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The Mattress to Go only ships out more expensive Capitol Bedding models and I also see that Gardner Mattress has an entry level Sojourn Mattress which seems to have all the right specs. Might as well add the DLX Essential if I’m going in the $399 range:

  1. Capitol Bedding Leelanau Cushion Firm ($399):
    Mattress Height: 13"
    Style: Quilted Tight Top With Eight Cloth Handles. Premium Stretch Knit.
    Quilting Layers: Milliken FR Barrier Quilted To Cover.
    1" Polyurethane Foam Quilted To Cover, 1.5 lb.
    .5" Polyurethane Firm Foam Quilted To Cover, 1.2 lb.
    Comfort Layers:
    1.5" Convoluted High-Density Firm Polyurethane Foam, 1.8 lb.
    .5" Firm Polyurethane Foam, 1.8 lb.
    Support System:
    Bolsa Full Perimeter Pocketed Innerspring Unit. 14 Gauge Interior Coils, Stress Relieved And Tempered Steel. Adjustable bed friendly.
    Edge System: Firmer 13.5 Gauge Double Row Spring Side Coils And Firmer 13.5 Gauge Triple Row End Coils Edge Reinforcement System.
    Base Layer: 1.25" Firm Polyurethane Foam Base. 1.5 lb.
    Twin Springs: 406

  2. Gardner Sojourn ($299, Twin):
    Outer layer of cotton fabric with foam quilting
    Densified Insulator Pads
    Spoke to a rep who said they had a Foam - Continuous Wire Springs - Foam structure inside. This foam I assume is 1.8 lb polyfoam as mentioned on the website.
    I don’t know what the quilting layer foam specs are, is it important?

I will be going to Gardner to test their Sojourn but won’t be able to test the other two.

Hi M,

Welcome to the search party!

Several years ago I purchased (2 ) Twin all latex mattresses from Arizona Premium Mattress. They are 6" of solid latex and my grandkids have been sleeping on them for 8 years. At that time he offered soft, medium and soft/firm (flip) versions.

It may be worth a look.

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Hey @Maverick, one of the reps from BB (“Comfort Specialist”) replied that they don’t have the info for foam densities, but all they knew was that “the 8” Dreamfoam Essential has Base foam: 30ILD" and the “Comfort layer Gel Swirl Memory Foam: 11 ILD.” Is this weird or did I just have a case of having the wrong rep reach out to me?

Thank you @PapaMike! I looked into their webpage but their budget mattress is still a little too expensive for me. I appreciate the suggestion though.

Hey M,
I sent you the information to your email. BB uses many of their foams across their lines. BB, Helix, Birch, Bear, Nolah, Leesa and there are a couple more. Their HD foams are generally 1.8lb 36 ILD. Their quilted covers are generally anywhere from .75" or 1.5" and the .75 generally has a 50ILD. Their very firm mattresses for largers folks, Titan, Plank etc, use their 13.5g pocketed springs. The one thing that they do for most of their mattresses, is keep it simple. They dont generally pile layers upon layers of foam. I dont find their products particularly luxury looking, but basic simple designs that go out there and do a job.

As they have grown, they still manufacture their own products, but have lost a little of that hometown independent vibe and philosophy that most of our trusted members still adhere to.

But, there is a place for everyone one out there, you just have to choose the lane that suits you best. I purchased my mattress prior to becoming a MUGster, but I still followed the basic principles projected here at TMU. Despite all of it, I still bought my mattress from an independent privately owned mattress store.

As long as you know the basic principles on mattress shopping, regardless of where you end up, relying on factors only you know the parameters that factor into your decision.

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Based off your feedback, I was able to make a decision. I will be trying the Sojourn Mattress from Gardner and the Dreamfoam Essential. I bought the latter and will try it when it arrives, and I will be trying the former in person at the store.
I also have an option to try a T&N Essential Mattress (2 yrs. used, $200) off Marketplace but I’m not too keen on it as I can’t find any information, r/mattress doesn’t have a good opinion of T&N and I already have two mattresses for my bed come Saturday.

Thank you, @Maverick for your detailed feedback on every question I’ve had along this journey.

For anyone interested in budget mattresses like me, I would like to tell everyone that BB offers 30% discount to students. All the best.

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@Maverick I went to Gardner mattress and ended up being more confused than clear. I tried their Sojourn and Comfort Support mattresses. Although I was told that the latter was softer than the former, I felt the opposite. Maybe the difference is in the comfort layers and how much they sink in. However, I tested out other mattresses there and I do prefer firmer feeling mattresses and am fine with medium firm ones. I also do know that as a side and stomach sleeper, I can’t have a fully firm mattress either. I will be getting the Dreamfoam Essential whenever I do and will let you know how I feel about that.

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I’d just received my Dreamfoam Essential mattress and it is firm and sturdy. I’ve been trying it and it has been all good so far. I’ve been adjusting to its firmness by tossing around a little but I don’t have any pain in the morning. Offgassing lasted about a day. I feel like for a guy with my build who sleeps on the side/stomach (side mostly) would be better off with the 10" mattress which is softer. Perhaps if I encounter any issues, I will switch to that mattress but its all okay for now.

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