Building a SleepEz Bed Comparable to SaavyRest Unity

Hi Guys – I am interested in building a bed with SleepEz to utilize their 20% promotion going on and expiring within the next couple of days and am trying to emulate the Savvy Rest Unity Pillowtop bed that I know my partner and my needs. We are interested in a split design Organic 9" 3 layer latex mattress with a separate 3" full size topper on top. We need some assistance with the layering to accommodate our varying statures.

Sleeper 1:
6’3", 195 pounds, back and side sleeper

Sleeper 2:
5’6", 120 pounds, side sleeper

Can you please assist with your recommended configuration of the layers?

I very much appreciate your assistance!

Hello Rambeau

Thank you kindly for your inquiry. Per our earlier phone conversation, I recommended a Medium (Talalay) over Medium (Dunlop) over Firm (Dunlop) for your side, and Soft (Talalay) over Medium (Talalay) over Firm (Dunlop or Talalay) for your wife’s side. At 195lbs the medium (30-32ILD) Talalay will provide the contour you will need, while the medium over firm Dunlop layers gives you gradual support below. At 120lbs the soft Talalay (19-20ILD) will provide your wife with the contour she needs on top, while the medium over firm below offers the same gradual support.
As discussed, you will most likely not need a topper should you order the 9" layered mattress model due to the fact that you can customize the mattress to fit your needs. Toppers are primarily used to soften and add contour to an already firm mattress surface. The 9" model allows you to adjust the comfort level by not only rearranging the layers within the zippered cover in the comfort of your home, but also by being able to exchange layers if need be (we offer a 90-day comfort exchange policy).

Thanks again! Have a terrific day!

Thought I’d provide an update on our mattress adventure. We went with the recommended format as provided above by a helpful sales associate at Sleep EZ and have logged three nights thus far on the mattress. Let me start by saying that the materials used throughout the mattress were very nice as expected. My wife and I have some initial thoughts for each of our sides.

My side: Medium (Talalay) over Medium (Dunlop) over Firm (Dunlop)

I wanted to err on the side of more firm than too soft so I decided to go with Medium Talalay on top instead of Soft Talalay. My impression so far is that this setup although providing the support I need, left something to be desired in the comfort department. I’ve slept good on it over the three nights and it has helped resolve the aches that I woke up with while using my previous mattress, but I wish I was able to sink in a touch more. So last night I tried a different arrangement using layers from my Wife’s side.

Soft (Talalay) over Medium (Dunlop) over Firm (Dunlop)

This arrangement provided the extra sinking in comfort I was looking for but I think it might be at detriment to aches in the morning. I woke up with slight aches from seemingly not enough support. The aches were minor, however I would rather sacrifice some comfort in exchange for feeling no aches whatsoever in the morning.

The experimentation continues tonight where I will rearrange layers again.

At this point should I try either/;

Medium (Talalay) over (Medium (Talalay) over Firm (Dunlop)?


Medium (Dunlop) over (Soft Talalay) over Firm (Dunlop)?


Medium (Talalay) over (Soft Talalay) over Firm (Dunlop)?

Hello Rambeau

Thank you kindly for the update/feedback on your new mattress! I am happy to hear that your aches have gone away! If you feel as though the medium Talalay over Medium Dunlop is a touch too firm, then I would suggest switching your medium Dunlop for another medium Talalay. Talalay is just a bit softer and more contouring compared to that of the Dunlop latex. Having Talalay over Talalay should offer a touch more contour, and maybe exactly what you are looking for. The other option is to order a slightly lower ILD rating for your top Talalay layer. Your current Medium Talalay is a 30 to 32ILD. We could special-order something like a 26 to 28ILD density. This would provide you with a slightly ‘plusher’ feel on top without affecting your support below.
If you would like to go forward with either of these two options, or simply have more questions, please call my office anytime between 10am and 6pm MST. Thanks again, and happy sleeping!

Ok, so I slept a night on the Medium Talalay over Medium Talalay over Firm Dunlop and it is definitely a good combination option for me but it’s a really difficult choice as to if it is preferable over the Soft Talalay over Medium Dunlop over Firm Dunlop. Both have a similar feeling of comfort but slightly different feeling overall with the Soft Talalay on top allowing for just a little additional sinking in. What is the ILD rating of my current Soft Talalay layer?

Anyway, I am going to try each configuration once more in effort to hopefully gain some clarity before making my final decision. Is there anything else I should be paying attention to while considering the options?

Also, my wife likes her current configuring but is curious if she could go “plusher” by switching out her Medium Talalay layer for another Soft Talalay layer (or dunlop?) which would then be Soft Talalay over Soft Talalay (or dunlop) over Firm Dunlop. Is this a configuration that is advisable? Or do you have any suggestion for her in achieving a more plush feeling?

Thanks again for your assistance we greatly appreciate it.

Hello Rambeau

Thank you for the update. I would suggest sleeping on a configuration for at least a week before you decide if it will work or not. You need to give your body time to adjust to any new sleep surface, and this can take at least a week to do so.
If your mattress is too firm for your body weight, then you will eventually experience pressure points at the shoulders and/or hips, as well as numbing of the limbs at times. However if your mattress is too soft, you will eventually start to experience lower to mid back pain due to the lack of support at the hip region of your body. You can use these guidelines to adjust your mattress accordingly. If after a week you are not experiencing any of these symptoms, then you have most likely found the right configuration for you.
If your wife is sleeping fine on her current configuration, I would not recommend changing it by adding another soft layer. In most cases we have found that having 6" of soft will eliminate most of the support in the mattress, and can therefore eventually cause back pains. If she starts to experience pressure point issues with her current setup, she can exchange her Firm Dunlop at the bottom to a medium Talalay. This will take away some support from the bottom, thus allowing her body to contour into the mattress a bit more.

Our ILD ratings for both Talalay and Dunlop are as follows: Soft: 19-20; Medium: 30-32; Firm: 37-40; Extra Firm: 44

Please feel free to call our office anytime to discuss further. Thanks again, and happy sleeping!

Just wanted to second Sleep EZ’s advice to give it some time. In my experience latex will continue to soften for at least a couple of weeks.

Both you and your wife may already have the perfect setup once your bodies and the latex finish settling in.

I thought I’d provide a final update on my mattress journey. I’ve decided at the end of the day that the original configuration (MT over MD over FD) is best for my body and provides me with enough comfort but most importantly is most suitable for my tall athletic frame. The configuration suggested by SleepEZ is what works best for me even though I wanted to go through the process of making certain by trying a bunch of different combinations. I was searching for that little bit of extra comfort but at the end of the day the MT over MD over FD provides enough comfort while enabling me to sleep my best and wake up without any problem areas.

It takes some patience and a bit of work to test all the options and give each configuration some time before making a decision but its worth it! It’s awesome to have a bed that allows you to modify it at any time at will. I expect to enjoy this bed for many many years to come.

Now its time to send back the Soft Tallalay exchange layer I ordered and ended up not needing at all.

Thanks for the support mattress underground and SleepEz!

Hey Rambeau,

Thank you for the kind words and for providing an update. You make a really good point about it “taking some time” to really test the different configurations.

I am glad, but not surprised that SleepEZ was able to help you along this process. They know their business in latex.

Thanks again for the update.