Burning sensation in finger from sleeping in mattress?

Hi Ana,

I’m sorry that you are having problems adjusting to either of your new mattresses. Unfortunately, “diagnosing” any mattress issues over an online forum is quite problematic especially as you have quite an extensive list of variables all of which may have an overlapping effect and contribute in a larger or smaller way to the discomfort you are experiencing. I would check with a health practitioner to eliminate the possibility that of a medical issue that you may be unaware of.

It appears that you are experiencing pains and discomfort on both mattresses, though in different ways for each… While tingling in hands, feet, or both are common from putting pressure on nerves due to incorrect posture while sleeping, I’d agree with you that you’d need to consider the possibility that you may be dealing with some type of peripheral or diabetic neuropathy so it is important to seek prompt medical evaluation.

I’ll do my best to give you some suggestions to help eliminate a few variables. It may take a bit of experimenting to pin down if it is a mattress related issue, health issue, or both and I am not sure if that you have enough time to draw any meaningful conclusion before the return date of Dec 27 as you would need to change only one variable at a time.

I’d first start to analyze your setup from the bottom up. The first red flag I see is that the foundation you described has “different elevation” levels. Depending of the elevation size and position you can create pressure zones where the elevation occurs. To determine this, I’d recommend that you place both mattresses on the floor and sleep on each for a few nights taking note of your sleep position and type of pains on each mattress and when in the sleep cycle you are experiencing them. A good foundation is essential and it must have structural strength and integrity to hold the weight of a latex mattress and the people sleeping on it. Typically, it should be a solid non-flexing foundation. The gaps between the slats should be no more than 3" apart or less (different requirements for different manufacturers), and have a center support beam with good support to the floor so that it wouldn’t harm the mattress. It would be important to check with each manufacturer to make sure that your support system wouldn’t invalidate the warranty for any of your current latex mattresses. You can read about it in the
the foundation thread here.

I’d also look at some of the forum posts that may help you recognize or “diagnose” the underlying cause of different types of “symptoms”, pain, or discomfort that may be connected to a mattress which include …

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Once you had a chance to test the foundation and scan through some of the above threads you’ll probably be in a better position to determine your next step.
Let us know what you find