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Besides balanced diet and daily exercises, sound sleep is also essential for maintaining proper health. Interruptions in sleep can greatly disturb your whole day at work and also contribute to headaches and lack of concentration. Proper beddings and mattress are crucial for enjoying uninterrupted slumber and providing relief to the body from hectic routine. It is critical to select right mattress that is not only comfortable but which also provide correct posture alignment to the body.

Some of the things that should be considered before purchasing OC discount mattress are:

• Firstly determine the size, length and firmness of the mattress in order to check your comfort level on it. Your mattress should be at least 15 cm longer than your height.

• It is also vital to properly check the material from which the mattress is made. Memory foam mattresses are soft and thus they can reduce the pressure of your joints where as latex foam mattress are generally more durable and also offer breathability.

• For master bedrooms, king-sized mattresses are best as they offer much space to the couples to sleep in comfortably.

• Mattresses that are too soft should be avoided as they can affect your spinal cord.

• If you are purchasing a mattress with inner springs then it should have higher number of coils. Higher the number of coils and spring gauges the more durable your mattress will be.

• Pillow –top mattresses contain an extra layer of foam over them. Thus, these types of mattress are best for old people or the ones suffering from back-ache problems.

• You can also opt for hybrid mattresses which combine memory foam and latex or memory foam with innerspring.

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