Buying online?

What are your suggestions on buying a mattress online without testing it?


I will be curious to see what Phoenix’s advice is, but you might start by reading his sticky on how to shop for a new mattress. It is at the top of the forum section, but I don’t know how to give you a link. Then you might call some of the on line dealers and discuss your needs with them. My own, rather limited, experience with foam mattresses is that they soften up quite a bit, so I would suggest going on the firmer side. You can soften up if you have to by swapping layers.

This afternoon I stopped by the shop where I bought my mattress, Sleep Nation near Denver, and had an interesting conversation with the owner. He told me they break in any bed that they put on the floor by kneading the foam with their knees, so that people will better know what the bed will feel like after the purchase.

BTW, do you live where there are not any good dealers or do you just prefer to buy on line? I have found that some of the local stores will work with you on price. In my case that got me within 25% of the mail order price of a similar bed. For that money I got to spend as much time as I wanted trying the bed. I went back in loose fitting clothes and with my own pillow to make my final decision. The dealer delivered the mattress up to my upstairs bedroom, something I couldn’t have done, and hauled off the old mattress.

Good luck in your search. Lew

Hi Lauren.mixon,

LEW has already mentioned the first suggestion I would have (and some other very valid points as well) which is to start with local testing using the information, guidelines, and steps in post #1 here. In many cases and depending on where you are the local value can be as good or sometimes even better than online options but of course this would also depend on your own personal value equation. Either way … I think local testing of the materials and types of mattress you are most interested in (or to find out which materials and designs you tend to prefer) is important part of any purchase no matter where you end up buying.

Post #2 here and post #2 here and this thread about the pros and cons of online vs local would also be worth reading.