Can a lumbar support pillow help with back sleeping?

I don’t have any back problems except I usually can’t sleep on my back as often as I used to, maybe because my mattress is a little softer than the one I used to have. Would a lumbar support pillow help enable me to sleep on my back?

Hi JBR2022.

Yes! If your issue is in the lumbar region and you’re feeling you may benefit from some support there, a lumbar pillow may be the solution. You can also troubleshoot by rolling up a towel or small blanket before investing in a pillow.


Hi JBR2022,
I’ve also heard of solutions like supporting the knees by putting a pillow under them to ease strain on the back. Also, if the mattress seems soft, double check the foundation it is on to make sure it has good support (slats close together if slatted) or some people even put a board under a mattress to shore it up. If it is a latex mattress, you would need to drill holes since a latex mattress needs to breathe.
Good luck!
Katie for TCB