Can anyone compare Pure Latex Bliss to Brooklyn Bedding's total latex mattress for me?

I know that there’s a ton of variables to consider so am looking for general impressions - I’m looking to ultimately purchase from BB and the Pure Latex is the only latex mattress I have been able to try. I liked it well enough. :slight_smile:

Hi beejaydee,

Both of them are all latex so they would both have the general “feel” of latex.

The PLB has many models though and the Brooklyn Bedding Total Latex mattress also has different options available in both the support core and the top layer so how they would specifically compare would depend on which PLB model you were comparing with which BB design. Every difference in either layer thickness, layer softness (ILD), or layering combinations as well as any difference in the cover and quilting would result in a different “feel” and a different combination of the balance between pressure relief and support/alignment.

If you are using the PLB as a model I would narrow down your choices to the one that is “best” for you in your personal testing and then use this as a very rough guideline or “approximation” for which of the BB options may be best for you. This may take some intuitive “guesswork” or 'translation" because the designs, layers and components are different.

The specs of the active fusion versions of the PLB mattresses are in post #2 here as a reference.


Thanks Phoenix - I will take that advice to heart.