Can I slice a soft organic latex topper between holes?

If I slice a soft organic latex topper between some hole would it make it softer? (no it is not talay, I bought organic latex and was hoping for softer due to pain health issues.

Hi Zana, welcome back after 2 years!

The ‘holes’ in Latex rubber provide some small amount of airflow, but are caused by the injection molding process for the rubber. Slicing them would not ‘soften’ the latex, and as well of course would void any warranty. What firmness is the Dunlop latex you have? Have you considered a latex topper of some sort? Keep in mind, depending on your body profile, latex which is too soft can allow you to sink in and ‘bottom out’ on the layer(s) below, which would exacerbate your pain.

~ Basilio

It is a My Green Mattress topper (with certs) called Organic Latex Topper. It doesn’t appear to come in hard or soft.

Stated: “Our latex toppers are made with two inches of GOLS certified organic latex and covered with a GOTS certified organic cotton cover.”

The topper sits on top of a really good mattress 1.5 yrs. old. A Naturepedic mattress that we are very happy with.

Oh and thanks for the welcome. I tell everyone about you because this is the best!

Hi Zana,

Thanks for ‘spreading the word’! The MGM Organic Latex Topper is Plush, at about 14-18 ILD, which is around the softest latex you can have. Again. The issue may be its too soft, and you are sinking too far and bottoming out on the layer below, depending on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health issues).

Also keep in mind different types of latex have different ‘feels’: Talalay is considered ‘bouncier’ than Dunlop (which is the kind of rubber in your MGM topper) and the usual comparison is the difference between angel food cake and pound cake…in any case, slicing the latex will not soften it, but the cuts may allow your pressure points to sink in and even cause alignment issues, depending on the rest of the components of the mattress.

~ Basilio

Ah thanks Basilio-
Interesting it’s the softest ILD, I now remember looking for that when I bought it a month ago. Neither of us are sinking too far or hitting bottom layer and we’re not heavy people. Both are side sleepers. My husband likes the topper. I have the hip pain.
And yes, I was asking about the cuts precisely because I though if I only cut at the hip area the topper might sink in a slight bit more.
I certainly can’t afford alignment issues however. The mattress isn’t connected so it will remain good support but perhaps you mean the topper alignment could be compromised?
Can I ask in what way?
My original thought was to cut only at pressure points, ever so slightly (not even 1/2 way) to slice between every 3rd hole.
But if you don’t believe it will feel softer or relieve pressure I might should leave well enough alone!
Presently the bed is better with the topper than before I added it. I just expected a bit more softness. I was avoiding Talalay due to toxins.

Hi Zana,

Yes, it could allow just your hip to sink a bit - but the cut will likely continue growing, and once you’ve created a ‘rupture’ in the structural integrity of the topper, it may just provide more problems.

You might want to, if possible, try a few different latex firmnesses at any mattress showroom in your area, and pay attention to how your hip feels on each firmness. It’s possible a slightly firmer latex could, somewhat paradoxically, feel better on your pressure points…many consumers do this, as a super soft mattress is what many consider the ‘ideal’, but the complexities of human anatomy can throw that ideal to the winds sometimes! Mattresses are such a subjective item, and also where we spend much of our life, so it may be worth your time.

Not sure about one comment - ‘avoiding talalay due to toxins’; remember, a certified organic mattress is one that has passed tests for additives, toxins and chemicals - and organic and ‘green’ products are one of the things My Green Mattress is best known for; though some manufacturers do add some chemicals to prevent mold, or for fire retardants, anything certified as organic should relieve your worries on that issue.

~ Basilio

Thanks for your reply. Earlier on this site I read that talalay cannot actually be Certified organic due to the additions in the process, so they are called “natural.” However, as you stated, if it meets rigorous GOTS standards it should be quite safe quality for persons needing organic materials for health.

There are few toppers out there claiming the certification and they are quite expensive. I think I just found an affordable one at “Sleep on Latex” who actually offer returns. (There is only one organic mattress store near us and they have no talalay toppers to try out.)

Hi Zana,

Good to hear, many forum members have had good experiences with Sleep On Latex; please let us know your experience once you’ve had some time with the topper!

~ Basilio

Thanks. I just received this answer from them when I asked for details about their topper.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

We appreciate your interest in our toppers and would be happy to help with this question and any others you may have. There are some Talalay latex that is organic. I know that Saavy Rest uses an organic Talalay latex. That said, our toppers are made with 100% natural and GOLS certified Dunlop latex. Our toppers do not contain any synthetic latex, fillers, fiberglass, silica or chemical fire retardants. In addition to our GOLS certification, we also have certifications in our name issued by Greenguard Gold, the Eco-Institut, and Oeko-Tex which verifies there are no harmful emissions or chemicals. That said, it’s important to note that all types of latex foam, even those labeled as “natural,” are manufactured using a variety of chemicals. These typically include sulfur, zinc oxide, and antioxidants, which make up roughly 5% of the foam’s composition during production. There can be very small traces of these chemicals in the final product, so our latex products are not considered to be chemical-free. However, since we do have several certifications that helps ensure that any emissions or VOCs in the final product are at extremely low, almost undetectable levels. These low levels are considered safe for human health. I hope this information is helpful as you decide how to proceed.

I don’t want to return to chemicals and the queen Savvy Rest topper presently is priced as $1,049.00. I will most likely just continue with the one we have.
thanks for your help!

Hi Zana,

Thanks for sharing their email! Yes, unfortunately the process of vulcanization of rubber does require some amount of chemicals in the process. You might want to consider natural fibers such as organic wool or cotton as mattress materials that would avoid any chemical additions.

~ Basilio

I do not know what state you’re in, but I received a soft 19 ILD Talalay, 3 inch Topper from custom sleep technique that I cannot use. I would be happy to give it to you if you paid for shipping and may be a little bit before they do not accept returns. I think it feels like a 18 and it would be soft for sure

That’s so very kind of you Cia! I am in PA. I had to look up custom sleep as I hadn’t heard of it? I wrote the company to ask about any certifications since it doesn’t seem to be on the website. Which state are you in?

I am in Minnesota. And it’s hard to get certifications on Talalay latex because of the process that they use and the cost. They get their talaly from Talalay global so you could possibly look that company up.

Hi @Cia ,

Thanks for your generous offer to @Zana! It’s great when forum members help each other out!

@Zana, Custom Sleep Technology is a Trusted Member of the site, and they make good quality products from their workshop in Shelton, CT. They do have OEKO-Tex certification on their textiles, and as CIA said their latex comes from Talalay Global, who also have a plant in Shelton, CT.

Again, I would say there are minimal chemicals involved, as used for the actual process of making latex foams…but certainly give them a call and they can let you know what chemicals are used!

~ Basilio

Thanks so much Basilo- that is really sounding good!

Cia, This is an amazing offer! I assume you do not have the original box for this? I’m wondering how we’d ship it. What is the bed size? Thanks

There are also no returns at custom sleep tech Since I already have their 3 inch twin, soft that I cannot use, that’s in the box. I would be happy to ship it to you if we could somehow get me the money for that it is on the very soft and soft.

It is a twin size, but it is a large twin almost a twin extra long. It is not in its original box, but it is in another box already taped and ready to be shipped somewhere or sold to somebody.

I apologize I am new to this forum etiquette, and the last part of my sentence never made it onto the board. I have some disabilities so I would have to hire a ride to the UPS To ship it, I could give you measurements of the box and maybe you could send me a pre-paid shipping label and I could print it off-I am new to all of this, so I would have to learn how to navigate. I’m just a willing person that would like somebody to have their needs met and if it’s something I have, that would be great.