can this really be hr foam?

this does not seem to meet the minimum denisty for HR foam. Is there something I am missing?

Hi beowolf,

You are absolutely correct that their base foam is not HR foam but would be considered HD foam. This is unfortunately very common on the internet and many outlets don’t really know the difference. HR polyfoam is used very loosely on many sites and what they are really saying is that it has higher resilience or is higher quality than other lower density foams.

While their foam is HD, it is suitable for use in the support layers of a mattress and is made by Foamex which is a high quality foam manufacturer. This layering should be compared in terms of value with other mattresses that use HD foam of similar density.

Good question … and I wish that more consumers would “notice” mislabeling like this which is so common on so many sites all over the internet.