Can you re-purpose 2008 Sealy mattress latex?

I ordered a DIY queen bed from APM, but it won’t ship for 3 weeks minimum. So I checked FaceBook Marketplace for a used latex topper, to put on my worn out queen innerspring mattress to get me through. I didn’t find any, but I did find a $350 used Sealy that they said was used mostly in a guest room. I’m assuming it is about 10 years old and the top non-latex foams are probably sagging. But I am wondering if I can just cut it open and remove everything that is not latex, then use the 1.6 inch firm latex layer (one description says it has 2 of these layers) as a topper for the next month and then use the 5.7 inch latex core and possibly these 1.6 inch latex sections as the core for a bed for one of my children and then add a soft 3 inch latex topper for comfort. I might but one of the thin layers into squares to use as seat cushions in my vehicles and office chair too. I don’t have enough natural padding as I am quite thin. =)


  1. Is Sealy latex good enough to last and be supportive for a future bed?
  2. Will these layers be glued together or easy to separate?

Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree Latex Whistlewood Euro-Top Plush

—Specs from

Comfort Layer: Latex Details: 3/4" Sealy Smart Latex Foam, 1" x 1/2" Convoluted Latex SealyFoam
Other Comfort Details: 1 1/2" x 1/2" SuperSoft Convoluted SealyFoam, 1" SuperSoft SealyFoam, 1" SealyFoam, Versare Inner Panel, 1 1/2" SuperSoft SealyFoam
Support Layer: Core Details: Sealy Smart Latex core features 3 layers: 5.7" Firm Luxury Latex Foam, 1.6" Firm Luxury Latex Foam, 1.6" Plush Luxury Latex Foam
Warranty Details: 20-year limited
Mattress Thickness: 15.5"

—Specs from

Inner Bed Composition1.5 inch (peak top base) convoluted foam plus 1.5 inch standard form in pillowtop; 0.75 inch soft latex, 1 inch (peak to base) convoluted foam, 1.5 inches standard foam, 8.75 inch smartlatex core
Mattress Edge SupportEdge-To-Edge foam support, no bolstering needed
Mattress Cover CompositionFlameGard quilted cover with incorporated foam layers
Total Mattress Height15.5 inches
Special FeaturesSmartLatex core with Talalay latex, no-flip, no-rotate design
Manufactured InUSA

Thank you for any advice.

Hi Brock,

There are instances of people here on the forum performing “mattress surgery”. The layers you encounter are likely to be laminated together, but I wouldn’t know if they would be glued around the perimeter and more easily separated, or if an entire base layer of glue is used between each layer, as I’m not aware of the assembly protocols Sealy was using back in 2008.

I would agree that all of the polyfoam would be lower quality, and I’m not sure even of the latex, as there were some issues with some of the Sealy latex beds back at that time. And even in a guest bedroom, you’re still dealing with a 10-year old product.

In the end, you’d have to rate your own level of comfort with the fact that the product is used, and the potential that you may end up with a $350 block up unusable foam chunks. But there’s also the possibility you can separate the layers and be happy with the resulting raw materials.

If you do decide to do so, feel free to post photos of your project. I’d be interested in your progress.