Canadian Memory Foam manunfacturer's

Hi Phoenix

I am in the same boat as the majority of other people who have come to your site. I want a high end Tempurpedic memory ofam mattress, but do not want the high-end price. You seem to be directing people to local manufacturers who make comparable mattresses to the Tempurpedic and I was wondering if you could tell em if you knew any manufacturers in Canada. I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Thanks for all the info on this site. I have learned a ton about memory foam/latex mattresses…

Hi Dano77,

Some of the better options and possibilities in the Calgary area are listed in post #2 here which includes two of the manufacturing members of this site which would be the first places I would include in your research.


Hello Dano77, I found a Canadian online store that offers memory foam mattresses. One of their customer service representatives owns and Tempur-Pedic Plush mattress and compared it to the Rest Therapy brand offered on the site.

You can read the comparison here: (EDIT … link removed see next post)

It looks like they offer an additional discount on that model in Calgary too: (EDIT … link removed see next post)

Hi mattholmes,

Before I considered one of their Rest Therapy mattresses I would make sure that you know the thickness and quality of all the layers (memory foam and polyfoam) and because they are made by Primo International which is a Chinese manufacturer that typically uses lower quality foam (including some 3 lb memory foam which i would avoid completely) I would also confirm that all the foam was CertiPur certified before I considered this mattress (see the criteria I use for memory foam mattresses in post #10 here) because Primo is not listed on the CertiPur site*.

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I would never buy or suggest that anyone buy a mattress where you were making a blind purchase and didn’t know the quality of the materials inside it … and “cheap” uncertified Chinese memory foam mattresses are not a great idea anyway IMO.

It’s also true that you can’t feel the quality of a mattress and while it may have an initial “showroom feel” similar to one of the Tempurpedic mattresses (and they don’t mention the specific model they are comparing it to) … the foam quality and design would likely be much different so it is only a very subjective comparison based on one person’s idea of how the mattress feels and not really meaningful. These are the types of comparisons that are mostly about marketing and have little to do with real information or meaningful comparisons between mattresses.

While I know you may be well meaning … it’s not a great idea to suggest to others that they consider a “cheap” mattress made in China where the quality and safety of the materials aren’t known or are suspect and that are being promoted for something they aren’t.

You are also required to disclose any industry affiliation you may have when you post here such as your affiliation with GOWFB and the rules of the forum also don’t allow links to your own site or any self promotional posts so I have removed the links.


Hi Phoenix, I got some news that might interest you. When you replied to my post, Primo International wasn’t listed on the CertiPur site. I was just having a look at the page today and noticed that it’s now listed: Companies Selling Products Containing Certified Foam - CertiPUR-US

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Hi Mattholmes,

That’s good to see that Primo is now listed so all people need to pay attention to is the density of the foams they use in their mattresses.

Thanks for letting us know.