cant decide between bb cloud luxe or restava ivory gel

my wife and I have pretty much decided on a tempurpedic cloud luxe (or supreme) style mattress. And with our price point and still wanting peace of mind, I’m having a hard time deciding between Brooklyn bedding or the restava. I know both are members here, but I dunno, Im still up in the air. The restava is a few hundred cheaper.

Also, While every tempurpedic person has told me the cloud luxe is softer than the supreme, I disagree although the luxe seems to mold more.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the site!

Hi kevine,

Technically the Luxe is softer than the Supreme but the perception of firmness/softness is very subjective and can also vary widely between different people based on body type, sleeping positions, and personal preferences. The firmness or softness of a memory foam mattress can also vary with temperature and humidity or the length of time someone lies on a mattress and it can also vary based on the age of the display model and how much it has been used for testing (whether it is brand new or broken in) but regardless of any of this … if it feels softer for you then that’s what is important regardless of how it may feel for anyone else.

When you have eliminated all the your worse options and are down to finalists that are a comparison between “good and good” and there are no clear “winners” between them then post #2 here may be helpful with how to decide between them. Neither one would be a mistake in terms of quality/value and both have good return policies.

FWIW … making my own “final choice” between my finalists when I purchased my mattress took me longer than all my other research combined (several weeks) as I kept changing my mind back and forth based on small details or differences that in the bigger picture were relatively unimportant but that were the only way I could decide between them … at least without just flipping a coin :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast reply. This website is great. I think I’ll probably opt for the restava assuming I’m satisfied with the details of their foam, which they’re working on for me. Also, this is the one other place besides inside my head that gives the softness nod to the supreme over the luxe in comparison to their models. So I figure they should get a bonus point for that too. Although it’s probably an error b/c I’m not that bright. LOL.
Anyway, thanks again!!

Hi kevine,

When I was making my own “final choice” it was also the “intangibles” or “subjective” elements that shifted the balance because I needed some way to decide between some great options that all seemed to be “equal but different”

Assuming you decide to go ahead with your purchase … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve received it and had the chance to sleep on it.


we went ahead and bought the pearl gel from restava, the softer version of the ivory. Customer service was excellent in email and phone conversations. we woman i spoke with, while not appearing the most knowledgeable, certainly knew where to find the answers and was responsive.

restavas website is riddled with inconsistencies though.
1)their mobile site states 2 free pillows with mattress purchase, their web version makes no such statement
2)the pearl is listed as having an inch of firming foam, in reality has an inch of “comforting foam.”
3) their comparative pricing is just so inaccurate as to mean nothing.Ie 1/2 off—from what?
there are a few others things too.i think without this websites approval i woulda bought from brooklyn bedding. restavas website does not do itself many favors. heres to hoping the product is better than their webpage

I’m looking forward to hearing about the restava. Did you ever get details on foam densities? I tried calling a couple times and no one picked up? Thanks!

4.2lb on the comfort layers if your looking at pearl or ivory.

also, since i ordered it looks like they attempted to fix the diagram but ascribed the comforting layer to the ivory and kept the firming layer describing the pearl. they made it very clear in conversations that the pearl is the softer bed.

ill keep folks posted, hope this helps