Can't Decide Between the BB Cool Luxe and Select Foam's Cirrus Luxe

I too am in the market for a memory foam mattress and find this site to be an absolute treasure trove of information.

I find myself struggling to make a final decision between the Brooklyn Bedding’s Cool Luxe and Select Foam’s Cirrus Luxe.

I really value the outstanding risk-free guarantee of the Cirrus Luxe, while I believe that the use of greater premium memory foam on the Cool Luxe might tip the value scale in their favor.

How does one decide between the two?

Both are great beds. I went with the Cirrus Luxe, because Select Foam, reversed engineered the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe to create the Cirrus Luxe. I hope to have mine delivered next week, but based on those who have purchased the mattress, they say the Cirrus Luxe feels just like the TP Cloud Luxe.

Here are the Specs for the Cirrus Luxe, I got these directly from Select Foam:

2.5" 4 lb Density Soy-Based Gel-Infused Select ES Comfort Layer with 13 ILD.

2" 7.2 lb Density Soy-Based Gel-Infused Select HD Support Layer with 13 ILD.

2" 2.5 LB Density Soy-Based AirFlow System Layer with 32 ILD.

6.5" 2.5 lb Density Soy-Based Orthopedic Base Layer with 32 ILD.

We got a BB Cool Luxe king. My wife is having the best sleep of her life. It is a soft mattress, very soft. Does not sleep particularly warm. Ours is also an inch to two inches short each direction.

Hi jeromylewis,

Post #2 here about making final choices when you are choosing between good and good may be helpful.

Just to clarify as well … the Brooklyn Bedding “Cool” series also has a free 120 day return policy.

Both also use high quality and premium foam layers so I certainly understand that it can be a difficult choice. In terms of quality and value you are in a great position where you really can’t make a “mistake” and you are in a much better position than the large majority of consumers that usually end up having to choose between “not so good and worse” :slight_smile:


I really appreciate all of you for taking a moment to reply with your knowledge and experiences with these two mattresses.

Of course, the more information I receive regarding both products, the harder the decision becomes. It would seem that it really does come down to the slight differences in feel between them. The primary consideration being the quality and density of the 5.5" of premium cooling memory foam on the Cool Luxe vs. the 4.5" on the Cirrus Luxe.

I wonder if my size (6’0" - 200 lbs) would wear one out more quickly than the other?

I suppose based on the fact that my wife absolutely loves the feel of the TP Cloud Luxe, and the testimony from so many that the Cirrus Luxe feels essentially identical to that model, I am leaning slightly towards the Select Foam. The $350 summer sale also doesn’t hurt when comparing the price of the two mattresses.