Capitol Bedding Willow Plush - serene foam

Hi Beducation,

I see you sell the Capitol Bedding’s Willow Firm mattress and have the spec sheet on your site. Do you know the specs/differences for the Willow Plush? I’ve tried both beds and seem to like the plush a bit better but the store didn’t have any detailed specs information and Capitol Bedding does not list that bed as one they make.

Another question about the Serene Foam. I was told that it’s a good middle ground between the sinking feeling of memory foam (which I hate) and the bounce of latex. Does the Serene Foam hold up well? Does it sleep hot? I"ve not read very much info on Serene Foam. I’ve also tried another Capitol Bedding bed with Serene Foam called the Tranquility Serene (No spec sheet on that one either; just the Tranquility which has latex instead of Serene Foam).

I’ve just been contemplating between the Willow Firm or Plush and the Tranquility Serene from Capitol Bedding. I need a good support for my back but I’m a mostly side sleeper with a little back sleeping, that often has shoulder and hip pain in too firm of bed.

Capitol Bedding Willow Firm:
Tight top With 8 Cloth Handles. Top To Bottom Wool Hand Tufting. Organic Cotton Stretch Cover 81/19.

Quilting Layers:
Milliken FR barrier quilted to cover.
1" - Gel polyurethane foam, 1.5#.
.75" - Polyurethane foam, 1.5#.

Comfort Layers:
3" Serene high performance polyurethane foam. 2.5#.

Support System:
Premium fabric-encased 13.75 gauge Bolsa Quantum Edge
Perimeter Zoned spring unit,
Edge System: Double row steel Quantum 16 gauge side edge support, triple row 13.75 gauge Caliber Coil head/foot edge support.
Base Layer: 1" Firm high-density polyurethane foam base, 1.8#.

organic cotton cover
Pure Jomma Wool 1.7 oz
MIlliken Silca based fire barrier
Natural Latex 3" - I’m assuming that in the Tranquility Serene, this is where the Serene Foam is instead of the latex
Combi Zone coil unit
HD base foam 1 1/4"

Thanks for any information into Capitol Bedding’s mattresses.


I don’t currently offer the Willow Plush and don’t have the spec handy. The quality of materials would be commensurate to those in the Willow Cushion Firm (very good durability).

Your local retailer would be the best source for those specifications, as they offer the product.

It has a feel like memory foam without the viscous nature, a more durable soft foam than low density polyfoam. Not as buoyant feeling as latex. It is a unique and very high quality polyfoam.

Carpenter produces in slightly different versions (with some new versions I believe being shown at the upcoming ISPA convention), and they all tend to be quite high density and durable.

Realize that your overall sleeping environment is a combination of many things, not just one layer of material. Air flow tends to be key. Softer beds insulate more and tend to sleep “warmer” than harder mattresses. Materials that don’t breathe well tend to flow less air (Serene by itself does tend to flow air quite well). Mattresses using spring units for the support core tend to flow air better than those with a solid foam support core. And the items closest to your skin - mattress pad and sheets - will have the most dramatic impact. Materials that are quite breathable and are also adsorbent (for humidity control).

All of those mattresses use higher quality materials and would tend to provide good durability that would be much more consistent and longer than they typical fare found in the industry. It really would come down to the fit and feel for your somatotype when you test them out in the showroom, and that’s not something I can do via an online forum.