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About CBH Wood Furniture
Knowledge & Experience:
CBH Wood Furniture was launched in Canada in 2001 by Balthasar Huesler, in partnership with Horst Haueisen but these two associates have a great deal of experience with bed and mattress design in Europe and Asia. During its first nine years of operation, CBH Wood was manufacturing entirely for export. High-quality wood was manufactured and shipped to Switzerland where it was assembled into the Huesler Nest which was first developed in the 1970-1980s. Setting out to improve on his original design and incorporating over 30 years of experience, in 2010, Balthasar and Horst, completed the first prototype of the bed which they later called the “Balancer - Das Original” (English: Balancer - The Original). Following a few more years of fine-tuning the Balancer – Das Original was completed in 2015, which is a bed system with a flippable (dual comfort) mattress and a sleeping system which is innovative, unique, and robust. The “Tri-Slat” slat system, consisting of wooden slats in conjunction with the supportive latex strips, is placed on a solid wooden frame. It is an original design which allows for dynamic adjustments of the support/comfort functions of the bed due to body’s weight, shape, and various sleeping positions, thus promoting adequate spinal and joint alignment. The system’s design has the capacity to accommodate a wider range of individual sleeping positions and needs.

CBH Wood Furniture’s two main products are the home and the road version of the Balancer - Das Original:
(8") Balancer ~ Das Original ~ bed for the home (21.5”) Total System height (frame + mattress + topper) The Bed & Mattress system has three modules:

[li] (1") 100% Virgin’s Sheep Wool Topper [/li]
[li] (8”) Mattress System consisting of: [/li]

4” Talalay Latex Mattress (flippable dual comfort)
0.75” approx. Tri-Slats
3.25” approx. of X-firm Talalay Latex Supports/Strips [/indent]

[ul] [li] (12.5") Solid Wood Frame choice of aspen, soft maple, or black cherry wood (customizable height) [/li]
This mattress system is available in all sizes as well as custom sizes upon request.

(7") Balancer ~ Das Original ~ bed for the road Mattress System consisting of:

[indent] [ul]
[li] 4” Talalay Latex Mattress (flippable dual comfort) [/li]
[li] (8”) Mattress System consisting of: [/li]
[li] 2.25” approx. of X-firm Talalay Latex Supports/Strips [/li]

Custom Work ~ of frames and headboards can be built upon request. [ul]

Service: CBH Wood Furniture are skilled craftsman assisting their customers through every step in the process to find the best solutions for specific needs and preferences.
TMU Consumer Discount:
Discount: 5% off bed/mattress (For the newest discounts they have to offer please check out any Updated Discount Codes here)
Discount Code: CBHWOOD
Note: All discounts offered to TMU consumer members are equal or higher to any other CBH Wood Furniture discounts.
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Thanks for having us. We are excited to be listed on TMU.
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have, and I will do my best to answer them.

As a small intro to who we are:
We are a small family owned business located on the east coast of Canada. We moved to Canada from Germany in 2007 and have been involved with these Swiss designed beds ever since. My father is a carpenter who earned his mastery in carpentry in Germany and worked in the field for over 30 years now. I am a civil engineer working in Toronto and am helping out my dad with all the online work, retail, advertising, customer care, etc . Our beds are quiet different from the conventional mattress / box spring combination and purposely so. The inventor (and family friend of ours) Balthasar Huesler designed this bed system when he was diagnosed with chronic lower back pain in his 40s. Today he is 87 years old and still back pain free, simply by sleeping on a bed that properly supports the spine. Many people in Europe and Asia have found the same relieve and since 2015 this bed is now also available in North America.

This is the best bed I have come across in regards to craftsmanship and function. The value is unbelievable when compared to other beds in the same category that go for several times the price! My wife and I her never slept better and we are going to get our kids set up with these beds ASAP. Well done!

Hi ShenB,

Welcome to the forum :). Thank you for the kind words of appreciation for CBH and their wonderful bedding system. We are happy to have them as TMU members, and I am sure we will hear more from other happy consumers.

Thanks again

I visited Hendrik from CBH today. I was happy to hear I could see and try one of their Mattress systems in Toronto. I was a little put of when I arrived and it was actually his home. (they are based out of New Brunswick) I was immediately at ease once I met Hendrik and saw his passion and knowledge of his product. The bed was like nothing else I have ever seen before. While the price tag of a King bed is a little out of my price range, I feel the need to sleep on this bed and am considering spending more to make it happen.

If I end up purchasing I will leave another note with my experience, but I felt the need to share the positive experience I had with Hendrik and the Mattress System.

Hi nmon,
It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your kind words. I get that the having a showroom in a home is a bit unconventional, but at then end of the day it has a very positive effect on the price of our beds. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions that you may have.

We have had our mattress for 3 months and have never been happier. I have lower back sci joint arthritis and receive cortisone injections but have not needed them since sleeping on our new mattress. I no longer wake up during the night and have the most comfortable sleep ever. My husband was a non-believer and cannot believe the difference. No longer having neck issues and wakes up feeling great:) When our son moves out and takes his bed we plan to order another for his room. Would love some business cards to pass out as many people ask me about our swiss dream bed and come to check it out.
thanks for a great sleep!

Hey jwolach,

Welcome to the mattress forum:).

Thank you for the update on the experience you had with your Swiss Dreams bed. It is not surprising as I have personally seen this design at European trade fairs, and it is a very high-quality bed system.

Thanks again,

Hi jwolach,
thanks for your review. We are happy to have yet another happy customer.
I am interested to know (unless it is covered by general healthcare) what these cortisone injections cost you?

We wanted to upgrade our non-supportive queen mattress and also size up to a king mattress. After a lot of research, finding an older post on here about CBH wood furniture and trying out some mattresses, we ended up ordering a king sized bed from CBH wood furniture (Swiss dream bed). We have had it for 3 weeks and have no complaints. The ordering and delivery was very easy and quicker than expected.
We chose them because we wanted a Canadian company and I liked the idea that it would be easier to move this bed vs other king sized latex mattresses. We also liked that it is a complete bed system and that we wouldn’t have to worry about finding a suitable base/bed frame for a latex mattress. So far, we are very happy with our purchase!

Hey Beee,

Thanks for the update on your Swiss Dream Bed, we are not surprised at you like the high quality of the base and latex. And yes many people do like to buy a bed system, and knowing the origins of this product, this really is a great “bed system”. Glad you are happy…so far.

Thanks again

I have had my bed and mattress from CBH Wood Furniture/ SwissDreamBeds.com for several months now, and don’t know what I’d do without it. I had difficulty sleeping due to pain in several areas of my body… now, all gone just from sleeping on this most wonderful bed! The customer service is above and beyond any out there today. I was able to confidently buy my bed, sight unseen and certainly never tried, just because Hendrik was so knowledgeable and helpful over the phone. I love my bed so much, I’ll purchase the travel bed for myself as soon as possible, and will replace all the beds in my home with SwissDreamBeds.

The customer service was so great, I ended up having them custom make a bed and headboard for me out of cherry wood… soooo beautiful.

Great craftsmanship and artistry, incredible knowledge, skill and design, and excellent customer service that has become so uncommon in today’s world. Customer service is so excellent they provide incredible follow-up, something that has gone by the wayside these days… but not so with SwissDreamBeds!

I’ve never slept better, and cannot begin to say enough how grateful I am to have found this company and bed. I use their pillow, as well, for complete alignment and comfort.

I’ve used natural and organic beds for many, many years. I’d been buying from one company, and some of those mattresses are still good, but don’t provide the same support this one does. My last mattress I’d gotten from that other company sank within a year, and got worse over the course of the following couple years - that’s when I knew it was time to switch, much as I dreaded the process of finding a better bed. To my amazement, I not only found another healthy alternative, but one that is better on so many levels, and by leaps and bounds! This company has surpassed my expectations so much that I tell everyone I know about their beds and mattresses. I just cannot say enough how wonderful they are.

Hands down, this is the best bed and mattress on the market! It’s not only healthy, but incredibly supportive and comfortable. I like a soft mattress, and at first wasn’t sure this one would work. In using it, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t softness I like, but alignment - and this one provides it perfectly. I’ve had to travel some and sleep on hotel beds, even new ones, recently. At first, I sank into the mattress at the hotels (several over the last few months), and thought it was heavenly soft. However, I did not sleep well on them and realized I’d never gotten the best sleep on soft mattresses, but just liked how I sank into them. I never slept well on firm mattresses, either. This bed, though, I sleep so soundly and wake up so much more refreshed than I ever thought possible. My body is apparently in complete alignment throughout the night, and it serves me well… better than I ever thought possible. Pain - gone! Restless sleep - gone! Energy - recovered! I feel better than ever sleeping on my bed from this company.

The price was less than I’d spent on other mattresses alone, and I even had a custom-made headboard. Is it pricier than what you’ll find at a superstore? Maybe, but only in the short-term, as those don’t last, and usually result in much-needed chiropractic care. I own a chiropractic clinic, and am all for a good adjustment, but I honestly find I don’t need as many adjustments just because this bed keeps me healthily aligned! In the long run, this bed is not only a saving grace, but also a money-saver! I saved a ton of money getting this bed, and it’s the best bed in the world.

Hi crazykitties,

Welcome to the forum :).

Thank you for discussing your experiences with Sweetdreams / CBH and it is so nice to hear you are happy and enjoy the mattress system. It is always nice to hear about good experiences with small companies trying to compete in this crazy market. Well done.


Unfortunately one of my customers, though very much willing to add a review to TMU, found it very difficult to navigate the site and to figure out who to make a post. SO I am posting it in here in her stead:

"August 1, 2019

CBH Wood bed purchase.
I am a 60+ year old and currently an owner of a mattress by CBH Wood. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 1980, experienced an exploded disc in my back in 1993, resulting in a Laminectomy surgery to remove fragments in the spinal canal and presently have 3 broad-based disc bulges in my lumbar section with extensive Degenerative Disc Disease throughout the spinal column with scoliosis.

After experiencing dozens of beds so far in life, I feel I am qualified to state that this bed is the very best I have ever slept on. The wooden frame made from untreated Canadian wood is quiet, held together by wood pegs. No metal parts. The wooden slats bend and move when your body moves and the foam rubber is Talalay latex from the Netherlands. There’s a wool topper made of 100% virgin sheep wool from Switzerland. It sleeps like a dream come true.

Purchasing my new bed from CBH Wood was like talking to a good friend. I had specific requests concerning wanting my bed to be chair height for me to easily get into bed and would also allow for storage underneath, if I want. When you experience how easy this whole process is and the value you are getting when you buy this bed, you will be delighted to share CBH Wood information with your friends and family. Go to the swissdreambeds.com today and see for yourself. I am having my best sleep ever and I wish the same for you!"

Did anyone in your family get a full or queen bed?

I’m asking everyone with a CBH bed system this question… Which size did you get?