Celsion Latex?

Anyone know much about this stuff? It is supposed to be better for warm sleepers. Is it? Are there any weird chemicals involved that create issues with VOCs, off gassing, etc? I sleep pretty hot, so it is intriguing, but my wife is wary of inorganic stuff in her bed.


Hi Mike S,

Celsion latex is blended talalay latex with phase change materials added into it to store and release heat as needed. It is effective in lowering sleeping temperature a few degrees when it is used in the top layer to replace regular latex (which is already cooler than other foams) and by all indications it is effective (although not dramatic).

All of the Latex International versions of talalay latex are Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 certified (safe for babies) which means that there are no issues with toxic materials or offgassing. The chemicals that Oeko-Tex tests for are here.