Central FL new mattress

Hi hickoryboy,

I don’t know the quality/density of the polyfoam (although it certainly seems like good quality is important to them) so its hard to make any meaningful comments about it.

The latex that comes from Connecticut would be from Latex International which makes talalay latex which is one of my favorite materials and as you heard is very durable. I don’t know if it’s blended or natural though which would makes a difference in the cost of the materials and “value”

The price you are mentioning for a latex mattress (and I’m assuming it is 6" of latex with a quilted layer of some kind on each side of the two sided mattress) seems to me to be reasonable value … especially because it includes a box spring that is probably also good quality (and would typically be necessary for a thinner latex mattress) … but the overall value of the mattress would also depend on the type of quilting and ticking that was used on each side and on the type of latex (or polyfoam). They are certainly better value than a mainstream brand but their value in comparison to other smaller manufacturers would depend on all the components of the mattress and how they compared to other similar mattresses.

I also really like that they are “checking for alignment” which is a rare thing to see when most salespeople only encourage their customers to test for some vague notion of “comfort” which can lead to some not so great purchases.

This would be fairly typical of an “old style” manufacturer and is probably why they don’t make latex mattresses with separate comfort layers (which they believe “defeats the purpose of latex”). It is true though that a firmer support layer can lead to better alignment but it may also not provide the kind of pressure relief that can come from softer comfort layers and that some people may prefer.

I would certainly consider them as a good option and would compare them to one or two others to make some value comparisons. I forgot to include any links in my last post and some of the better options in the Tampa area are in post #143 here and in the Orlando area are in post #2 here.