certipur eggcrate topper

Hi Phoenix , any idea where to buy a certipur eggcrate / convoluted foam topper? Been searching your mattress forums to no luck. thanks!

Hi maverick3934,

I’m assuming you mean a polyfoam topper (since latex isn’t CertiPur certified and memory foam doesn’t usually come in convoluted versions … with a few exceptions)?

If that’s what you’re looking for … there are some sources for polyfoam in post #4 here. You can check their sites (or call them) for convoluted foam and if they carry it you can also ask them if they sell American foam (or if it’s CertiPur certified). Most of it would be but some of them may not be familiar with the CertiPur program … even if they are selling foam from a CertiPur foam manufacturer. There may also be local foam shops that are selling American foam that is CertiPur certified. If they will tell you who manufactures their foam (and some will and some won’t) … then you can also check this against the list of CertiPur certified foam manufacturers here*.

ADMIN NOTE: *Removed 404 link|Archived Footprint: certipur.us/pages/for-industry/find-a-foam-supplier/ & replaced with latest CertiPUR list