cheaper alternative to the tempurpedic cloud supreme (or should I buy latex???)

I was just about ready to purchase a dreamfoam memory foam mattress on amazon, but thought I should first try the tempurpedic cloude luxe at a local store, since that’s what they compare it to. I didn’t tell the salesperson what I was doing, but because they are so good at doing what they do, he suggested that he perform a “test” by applying pressure to my arm that I was holding straight up, to see how much resistance I could apply. He ascertained that that mattress was too soft, but the cloud supreme was right. I don’t know if this was some sales gimick, but I think maybe he was right. It felt like my hips and rear end sank too far into the cloud luxe. My lower back bothers me and I know I’ll need some support.
Since the reviews (and the prices) for Brooklyn Bedding have been so positive I’d like to not have to spend thousands for something decent in quality. I’m wondering if anyone could recommend a cheaper alternative to Tempurpedic’s Cloud Supreme?

I also see that on Brooklyn Bedding also offers a latex bed that has positive reviews. Given my experience with the cloud luxe I’m worried about which comfort level to go with if I decide to go this route. I don’t want something too firm, but I don’t want to feel like I’m sinking in either.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Wow, that’s great that the salesman used muscle testing on you to determine which model was better suited to your needs. I wish every salesman was that switched on! I’m very curious to hear what Phoenix has to say regarding a latex bed model that would be similar in feel to the Tempur-pedic Cloud Supreme. i also really like both the Cloud Luxe and Supreme Breeze but have heard such good things about latex in regards to longevity as opposed to memory foam and am wondering if anyone makes a latex mattress that compares closely to either model.

Hi bbbassoon,

The first place I would start with any search for a new mattress is post #1 here and the information it links to (in case you haven’t read it already).

Some of the better online options for memory foam mattresses I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here. Many of these may be able to give you good suggestions about which of their mattress most closely approximates the Tempurpedic supreme in either quality of materials, feel, design and layering, or any combination of these.

Latex and memory foam are very different materials with a very different feel and response and one is not really equivalent to the other in any firmness level. Because the choice of material is a preference … it’s usually a very good idea to test different versions of latex mattresses or comfort layers locally to make sure you are familiar with how it feels and performs and to act as a guideline for your latex comfort choice.

Other than this the only way to really choose would be in a conversation with them based on any information you can supply about your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences and the “averages” of other people with similar body types, sleeping styles, and preferences which may or may not apply to you. In this case I would encourage you to consider a mattress with comfort exchange options so that you can change your choice if it’s necessary based on your actual experience.


Thanks for your quick response, Phoenix.
I’ve been reading the information you recommended.
BTW, it’s amazing how the sales people at all the different stores don’t know the
specs of the mattresses they’re selling.

I still haven’t decided yet whether to get a latex or memory foam mattress,
but I have been trying them locally to get a feel.
So far I like: tempurpedic cloud supreme (memory foam) and sealy embody perspective (latex)
I appreciate all of the info offered on this site, as well as links to vendors that
list the specs.

Hi bbbassoon,

The Embody uses what Sealy calls “smart Latex” which is a mostly synthetic latex that has a fairly different and “stiffer” feel from natural latex which is more elastic and “responsive”).

Just thought I should mention this so you didn’t think that the Embody is representative of all the different types of higher quality latex. It’s actually the lowest quality version of latex you can get but at least it’s latex … which is still a higher quality material than most polyfoam.