Choosing between 2 (well, 3) cheap, reversible spring mattresses for guest bedroom use

Hey everyone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. Im back, but for a bit of a different situation than in the past…

This isn’t the type of thing for which you usually come to this forum for advice, but I’m currently considering two cheap, doubled-sided pocket coil mattresses for my guest bedroom, both in queen size:

Given the specific application, I know I could just get a Zinus and call it a day, but I do feel like trying to get at least a bit more longevity than you usually get in this price range. What attracted me to these two options, then, is the fact that they are two-sided and that they both have relatively thin comfort layers, which I presume would make the use of less durable materials in the comfort layer matter less.

I guess one question big question I have is whether the “thermo-bonded polyester pad” in the Signature Sleep would last longer than the foam layer in the Dreamfoam bed (or would it be the opposite)? Again, this is going to be for occassional use only, so I am not being too picky.

I am also considering the likelihood that the Signature Sleep may well be using fiberglass as its fire retardant and weighing that in, as well as the reputation Dreamfoam/Brooklyn Bedding has vs Signature Sleep.

Finally, a possible third option that would fit my parameters is the Flexus Max Rest. The problem with it is that the mattress is apparently not being made right now. I contacted Flexus through their website chat, and apparently the special, roll-packable bonnell coils they used are no longer being made, so they are looking for a new supplier. But even if it is manufactured again, the use of a bonnell unit as opposed to pocketed coils makes me reticent to consider it as much, as I fear it would be too firm. (The other two mattresses are both rated as a medium-firm; Flexus doesn’t provide a firmness rating for either of their Max Rest models.) But perhaps the Flexus would be the best choice of the three, who knows…

Anyway, what take do you all have on these options?

Hi drm870.

Thanks for bringing your question to our Mattress Forum :slight_smile: it’s good to hear from you again!

You’re right in that this mattress is going to get less overall use, so its lifespan will be extended sort of by default.

I had to look up a visual of this pad. I hadn’t heard of it before. I agree that based solely off the composition, it likely would be more durable than a polyfoam layer with a mystery density.

They claim their mattresses are made without made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants but that doesn’t say what they DO use.

Sorry to hear the Flexus model you’re interested is not available. Maybe something from Quality Sleep Shop could meet both your budget and firmness requirements?


Thank you for the reply!

I have to ask, was my post moved to the “miscellaneous” category by mods? Or did I post it here last night by accident?