Choosing between memory foam: must get Comforpedic or Optimum


First of all, I would like to thank Pheonix for such a great and informative site. So much useful information to help mattress shopping. Anyway, after a big body impression on my current Sealy Queen innerspring bed, the furniture store let me know that they are willing to give me credit towards a new mattress from their store. After lengthy tests at the store, I seemed to really like the way the memory foam mattresses I tested felt. The only memory foam lines to choose from at the store are the Sealy Optimum and Simmons Comforpedic, and I really do like the way a couple of the models feel and was ready to make up my mind until I stumbled upon this site… After readying thru a lot of Pheonix’s insight, I now realize that I’m not getting the best value or materials by choosing one of these beds, but because of the credit I’m getting it just wouldn’t make sense for me to get something from one of the local sleep shops or online sites like brooklyn bedding, even if they have a ton more value.

Given the circumstances, out of my options in the store, I seem to really like the way the Comforpedic New Life (aka Renewed Energy) and the Sealy Optimum Inspiration feel. I’m pretty much wanting to know which line or specific mattress is preferred “if you had to pick one” Pheonix, i saw in a previous post where I believe you mention that despite the poor value, the Inspiration was at least one of the better mattresses in the Optimum line if you had to pick, due to Sealy using higher qualitiy materials from that model upwards. However, I can’t seem to find much information on quality of the Comforpedic line. Has anyone had any sort of breakdown of the Comforpedic line to at least help me pick which one in their line up would be a decent choice?

To be honest, the Optimum and Comforpedic feel equally good to me. There was a $300 difference in the store (Optimum $1999, Comforpedic $1699… not counting my credit here), but because of the bad experience I had with my previous mattress the store actually agreed to Price Match Amazon’s price of the Comforpedic bringing the total price of the comforpedic down to $1300. To be honest, i’m not sure why they agreed to price match amazon given that they know I have to use my credit there, but I won’t complain.

For the price difference I would definitely choose the Comforpedic because it felt equally as good as the Optimum, But i’m nervous because there seems to be even more lack of information on the Comforpedics compared to the Optimums. Any insight between the two models would be helpful. Also, if it helps, I’m about 5’7, 180 lbs, and mainly a side sleeper but also fall asleep on my back every once in a while.

*after looking over this chart seems like the comforpedic enlightened days has the most dense foam in the comfort layers and might be a better option than the new life but ill wait for the experts opinion. I had previously disregarded this model in store because it was above my budget (I think $2500), but just realized amazon carries this for $1770 and I’m guessing the store would price match this. I would of course have to go test it out to see how it feels.

Sorry for the lengthy post and appreciate any insight.

Not sure if this helps because it seems to be filled all marketing terms, but found this comparison chart of the comforpedic line Here

Hi sidesleeper020,

Yes … US Mattress does a better job than most of identifying the layers in many of their mattresses but unfortunately the chart only provides some of the information you need to make informed decisions (although it and the layering information that they list for specific mattresses on their site is certainly helpful). They are missing information about the quality of their base layer and information about the type and quality of the foam used in their “independent support technology” but a least these are deeper in the mattress which has less effect on the durability of the mattress.

The Inspiration has …

2" of 3.7 lb Opticool gel memory foam (low / mid quality)
3" of 4 lb Optisense memory foam (mid quality)
The Opticore Plus support core which is reasonable quality.

The “roughly” equivalent Comforpedic (with the same amount of memory foam) would be the Enlightened Days which has …

1" 4.0 lb gel memory foam
1.5" of 5.5 lb memory foam (good quality)
2.5" of 5.5 lb memory foam (good quality)
2" Independent support Technology (unknown material and quality)
5" Aircool transflexed core (Unknown quality/density polyfoam).

The Inspiration lists at US Mattress for $1999 (queen) while the Enlightened Days lists for $2274 (queen) and given the higher quality of the memory foam in the Enlighteened days I would lean in this direction in spite of not knowing the quality of the deeper layers.

The New Life on the other hand appears to have at least one mistakes in the description

1" 4 lb gel memory foam (mid quality)
1.5" of 1.65 lb memory foam. If this is correct which is unlikely it would be very very low quality memory foam and would automatically exclude this mattress if I was making the choice. This is more likely to be polyfoam in which case it would also be mid quality/density.
2" 4.5 lb memory foam (mid quality)
2" Independent Support Technology (unknown material and quality)
5" Aircool transflexed core (unknown quality polyfoam)

This lists for $1474 (queen) and since the layers appear to be in roughly the same quality range (again assuming that the 1.65 lb foam is polyfoam not memory foam) then in spite of the unknowns I would probably lean in this direction in terms of quality/value.

Of course none of this takes into account which one is best for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and personal preferences) which are also an important part of value but since you indicated that they are roughly equal in this regard then I would give the “value edge” to the New Life over the Inspiration.

I would also show them US Mattress’ prices for both the Inspiration (which is the same) and the New Life (which is $225 less than the price you were given) to see if they will match the New Life.

If they agree to match the price of the New Life and considering that it uses similar quality materials (mid range of quality) in the layers that count the most then I would probably lean in that direction.

If they were to match the Amazon price of the Enlightened Days (or even the US Mattress price) then I would probably lean in this direction because the foam quality is higher where it counts most (in the comfort layers) in spite of the unknowns.


I would also show them US Mattress’ prices for both the Inspiration (which is the same) and the New Life (which is $225 less than the price you were given) to see if they will match the New Life.

If they agree to match the price of the New Life and considering that it uses similar quality materials (mid range of quality) in the layers that count the most then I would probably lean in that direction.

If they were to match the Amazon price of the Enlightened Days (or even the US Mattress price) then I would probably lean in this direction because the foam quality is higher where it counts most (in the comfort layers) in spite of the unknowns.


Thank you for the info. So it seems like either way out of the two you are recommending either the new life or enlightened days with the edge to enlightened days if they agree to price match?

Also, just to clarify the store has already agreed to price match the new life. The mattress and box spring sell on amazon for for $1263 + tax. They agreed to sell for $1300 out the door which is a little lower than amazon’s price after tax. I’ll clarify, but assuming they’ll price match amazons price for the enlightened days then I could get that set for about $1800 out the door.

So all in all, I’d be comparing the new life at $1300 vs the enlightened days for $1800, not counting the credit for my mattress. So if it is a $500 difference you would go with the enlightened days (assuming they also price match and also making sure I also test out that mattress for my PPP)?

On a side note, it’s a shame to nos know how much markup there are in these mattresses in the chain stores. Luckily, I was able to at least leverage amazon which will seem to save me $400 and even more if I choose the enlightened days. I understand that even at these lower price matched prices I am not getting the best value but it makes me feel a little better at least.

Hi sidesleeper020,

I’m not so sure I would call it a “recommendation” because there are too many unknowns and missing pieces (including the possibility that the specs are incorrect) to be able to assess them with any real accuracy … but that’s the direction I would be leaning yes.

The choice between these two would be roughly equivalent and would depend on how they compared in terms of PPP but also on the importance that you placed on using higher quality and more durable materials (the Enlightened Days appears to use higher quality memory foam which will soften more slowly and be more durable). I would also need to know more about the unknowns (the 1.65 Polyfoam and the “Independent support technology”) to really make a meaningful choice between them. When you are looking at two roughly equal choices I would also tend towards the choice that was a little firmer (it’s easier to make a mattress softer than to make it firmer). Finally I would keep in mind that thicker layers of memory foam can also be a little more risky than thinner layers because memory foam responds to compression but also to temperature, humidity, and time or how long it is compressed (it relaxes with constant pressure and gets softer because of what is called “foam creep”) which means that with thicker layers of memory foam there can be a risk that you will start off the night in good alignment but wake up in the morning out of alignment because the heavier parts of your body have sunk down a little deeper. This could be more of an issue for back sleepers than side sleepers. Fast response materials don’t do this as much so if the 1.65 lb foam is polyfoam then it may modify the amount of “creep” in the mattress. Higher density memory foams may also be more “supportive” (sink in less) and more conforming once it has warmed up.

With your discounts the value is certainly in a much more reasonable range. It would still be nice to be able to make a more informed assessment and decision with the “information gaps” filled in … but unfortunately partial information is about as much as you are likely to get so sometimes you have to play the cards you are dealt and use “best judgement” or “gut feel” to make choices where information and facts are missing. :slight_smile:


Just figured I’d update the thread and I would like to apologize in advanced for any iPad related typos / grammar… So I was all set to order the comforpedic enlightened days with the store PMing amazons price of $1800 and with my warranty credit of $400, I was set to pay $1400 for the set but I went to the store to give one final lay down and Just for comparisons sake I decided to lay down on the tempurpedic Cloud Supreme and Supreme Breeze. Even though I knew they were both out of my price range(even with my warranty credit), I just simply loved the way they felt after a 15 minute lay down test. Once I felt how comfortable it was to me, I just couldn’t buy the comforpedic…

So… I went home and went back to the drawing board. After reading more throughout this forum, I sought out to find something with a similar feel to the tempur supreme breeze, without the price tag while also making sure the materials seemed juas as good (or better) than the tempurpedic. The final contenders are the Cool Supreme from Brooklyn Bedding or the Selectfoam Cirrus Supreme, both of which target the feel of the tempurpedic cloud supreme directly. Even though I would obviously not get to take advantage of the warranty credit at the store, I decided that I would not let the warranty credit prevent me from getting a mattress that I love. Besides, both of the mattresses in question seem to be great price anyway and not much more than I was set to pay for the Comforpedic.

Since they both are recommended on this site, and since both target the feel of the tempurpedic I loved in store, I’m having a tough time making a decision between the two. There seems to be more people who have had positive purchase experiences from BB, but I do love SelectFoams risk free retun policy. Also the queen Cirrus Supreme is $1699 w/ foundation and the Cool Supreme from BB is $1799 and I would have to purchase a foundation separately, making the selectfoam a bit cheaper overall.

In terms of the materials and foams used, is there something in one of these beds that would be better than the other? Does anyone have any direct experience with either of these beds? Any info is appreciated!

Hi sidesleeper020,

With a $400 credit I think that even “throwing it away” you would end up with better quality/value with either of the choices you are making.

When you are down to making final choices between “good and good” (see post #2 here) then it’s really up to your own personal criteria and all the objective, subjective, and intangible factors and tradeoffs that are part of a mattress purchase as a whole that are most important to you. In other words it’s not so much a choice between “better and worse” and more a matter of which is best for “you” based on your own “personal value equation”.

Either way, given the amount of credit available to you … you would be making a better choice than the alternative you were considering IMO :slight_smile: