Christeli Astoria vs Tempurpedic Contour Elite and weight difference :(

I’ve lurked and searched here and Google for a long time in search of a replacement for our Tempurpedic split king classic and ran across the Christeli website that advertised as well…I’m not even sure anymore. Their website implies that their beds are comparable to Tempurpedic. If you want a Tempurpedic Contour Elite, you’d order the Astoria.

I spoke with Jay about the different beds before I ordered and then we went and tried out the actual Tempurpedic beds before ordering. The two boxes arrived Friday and I still haven’t opened them yet and the company has not responded to my emails. I’m hearing impaired so I hate to talk on the phone.

My Tempurpedic mattresses are heavy! Just to change sheets is a chore. I checked and a new Conture Elite would be 80 pounds for a twin XL.

The box with the Christeli Astoria is 48 pounds. I just don’t see how this is going to compare to a Tempurpedic. I was expecting to have to use a dolly for the boxes and instead I could pick them up.

I just thought I would have heard something back from Christeli today but it was >crickets < instead.

Just as a point of reference I recently emailed Christeli with some questions and it took them several business days before I received any response. Hope you’re able to work things out to your ultimate satisfaction!


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Christeli, like many other memory foam manufactures, will produce comforts that are similar to (comparable) to some of the Tempurpedic models. These aren’t meant to be duplicates or exact matches, but simply a comfort that most people would consider “in the range” of a particular Tempurpedic they might have tested.

Email is generally the slowest manner in receiving a response from a company due to the volume many receive, especially over the weekend, so if you’re uncomfortable using a relay service, then I would expect a few days for a response, as Sweet Dreams already noted.

Attempting to predict the feel and comfort of a mattress based upon weight is not a reliable manner to make such an assumption. This can only be accomplished through your own personal testing. Mattresses attempting to provide approximate comforts can do so in different manners using different materials, some of which, even including the covering, may feel quite different. Even if a mattress had the same weight, or even more, than the weight of something to which you were comparing it to, it as well would also not be an indicator of a comparable comfort.

All of the foam in the current Tempurpedic Tempur-Cloud Elite “specs out” to about 68 pounds. That is without covering or packaging materials. The specifications are:
2.4" TEMPUR-ES 4.1LB, 2.4" TEMPUR Material 5.3LB, 3" Airflow Base layer 2.0LB, 5" Airflow Base layer 2.0LB.

The Christeli Astoria uses a 3" 5.3 lb memory foam layer on top of a dual comfort polyfoam core. I don’t have the thickness/density of this core (they usually use around a 2 lb density). Most of the weight difference between these two items would be in the Astoria having 1" less of memory foam material, which is quite dense.

Both of these items are using better quality and durable materials.

You certainly can wait to communicate with Cristeli via email before opening your items, but eventually the only manner for you to compare products is by actually lying upon them. Have you tried texting them at 864.373.0242? That may be a more immediate manner in which to communicate.


I heard back from Jay and he assured me of their quality so I opened one of the mattress boxes. Everything expanded quite rapidly except the 3" top layer.

The Astoria is a 3" memory foam encased in a quilted material that goes on a 10" Polyfoam bottom covered base. The Polyfoam covered base immediately formed nice and square corners and everything.

The 3" memory foam quilted top took a little longer but about 5 minutes later, I noticed something odd. The top never got any longer and due to the quilted cover, it never would. The top is 4" shorter than the base.

It looks to me like my “Hand Made” Astoria Twin XL was shipped with a Twin top and the correct Twin XL base. At least I hope so. This would be unthinkable if not because it would drive me insane!

Waiting to hear back again from the company. I have attached pictures of the bed and the mattress tag I received, such as it was. Weight of filling materials: 33 LBS 6 OZ. So less than I even thought. All the rest is padding material around the foam.

I’m not sure what I think about the feel of the bed. It’s not a Tempurpedic.


Yes, they do use good quality and durable materials. The memory foam top 3" layer would take longer to expand that the rest of the mattress. 24-48 hours is normal for full expansions for most memory foams.

To update my information from yesterday, the two pieces of polyfoam are a total of 8" and they are a 2 lb density. The memory foam is the 5.3 lb at 3".

Yes, your entire mattress is hand made (they’re actually made to order). I would “put a wave” through the topper, as there is some flexibility in the cover used for this mattress and if it still isn’t the appropriate length, then you may very well be correct and you may have been accidentally sent a twin topper for use with a twin XL base, and I’m sure you’d be provided the correct topper if that was indeed the case.

This would make sense for the weight of the base mattress. Two pieces of 2 lb density polyfoam at 8" total in twin XL would be roughly 28 pounds ((38808 ) / 1728) 2 = 28.14 lb. Combined with the covering and the fibers, this would add about another 5 pounds. The topper would be roughly 28 pounds in a twin XL ((3880*3) / 1728) * 5.3 = 28. That’s without the covering.

Hopefully you’ll get the top memory foam panel figured out within the next day or so. And the item you purchased isn’t purported to be a Tempurpedic, but a comparable feel in this particular company’s lineup, as I explained in my previous reply. For some people, an approximate comfort to something they tested in-store from another brand is quite satisfying, especially taking the price savings into account (everyone has their own personal value equation), and in the case of the Astoria, some people even enjoy the ability to rearrange the bottom polyfoam layers to create different comforts. For others, not so much. But that’s something only you can determine through your own personal testing and preferences for a specific comfort, as ultimately your comfort is the most important part of this equation.



First I would like to apologize for the lack of speed in which we reply via email. It is something we’re actively working on to provide better service.

I know buying a mattress online can be scary, but we are here 100% to make sure you’re completely happy and at ease with your purchase.

I believe everything is okay at this moment, but if you ever need us, please call us. We really just want to make sure you’re 100% happy.

Everyone says this, but we truly mean this - THANK YOU for giving us a try.


The Christeli Team

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Hi Christeli,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to LBL here on the thread. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.